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Russian companies that wish to employ foreign labour in Russia must apply for a general permit to do so. General permits are issued by regional divisions of the Ministry of Ethnic and Migration Policy and are issued for one year, which may be extended on request. For each individual foreign national, a Russian company requires a “confirmation” of the right to work which is, in effect, a personal work permit. Certain categories of employees are not covered by these requirements, including employees of foreign embassies, scientists and artists working in institutions established in accordance with international agreements, journalists accredited in Russia, crew members of ships and boats, and students on study internships.

Work permits are issued by regional subdivisions of the Federal Migration Service and the exact terms and conditions may therefore vary from region to region (see FMS Moscow official site (in Russian only) . The documents to be submitted with the work permit include:

-        copies of passport and visa;

-        results of an HIV test;

-        copy of the employment contract;

-        copy of the tax registration certificate of the employer;

-        copies of the employer’s statutory incorporation documents.

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04 December 2014


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04 December 2014


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