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Thursday, 15 October 2015 06:01

After enthralling the audience with jazz fever, Igor Buttman along with visually impaired pianist Oleg Akkruratov performed live. Riya Sharma speaks to Oleg who very proudly shares that his inspiration comes from within As they say when creative prowess follows you, there’s no looking back (if you’re involved in the process of creation). It does not matter which art form you choose — be it poetry, song, or a piece of writing — it applies everywhere. Geniuses like Wordsworth, Coleridge talked about the right moment of unleashing their creative energy that flowed in the right direction. Nineteen-year-old young pianist, Oleg Akkuratov echoed the same thought when we met him in the Capital. Jazz Addicts in association with Qla presented a mesmerising performance featuring Oleg Akkuratov live. The band was led by ace drummer Eduard Zizak, while Sergey Korchagin played the base. “When I started playing at the age of three, I used to hear the rhythm and tried to imitate it. But most of the time, the inspiration to play orchestra comes in my dreams. It is like I am playing a tune in my mind and orchestra asks me to play it, so I just imitate the tune which I have heard in my dream,” shared Oleg. After enthralling the audience in Mumbai and Goa, with his never seen performance on Mera joota hai Japani, Oleg looked excited and was determined to make the audience experience the ‘professional’ standards of jazz. “I want to give them the jazz culture and make a rendezvous with the professional jazz standards. I am going to sing many Russian songs along with the songs that I have written,” shared the pianist. He added that in the first set, he would play classical, then jazz in the second one and in the third set, he would combine the two, which he proudly claimed is very difficult. “A lot of people ask me, how I am able to do it? Everyone is surprised how I am able to combine classical music and jazz and play so well. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to play both,” said he. He actually laid stress on the point, “Nobody can play both but the kind of music that I compose is difficult and people are actually amazed.” He started at the age of three and played Autumn leaves for the first time on a piano gifted by his grandparents. But it was his mother who took him to a musical college, where he learned classical music. “I learnt classical music but there came a time when I realised that jazz appeals to me that’s why I went to jazz college in Moscow,” Oleg shared. Oleg does not only play the unique combination of classical and jazz but he very excitedly told us that he learnt English and can sing in French, Hindi, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese. He shared,“For my performance in Mumbai, I learnt the song Mera joota hai japani in two days and practiced it with my band to give a wonderful time to my audience.” Not only this, he actually sang the song for us during our interaction. Though Oleg attended Jazz college and learnt classical, he has guided himself than anyone else. “I play music all the time. It is my soul; it gives me a sense of freedom and the feeling of being free. When I started, it was difficult to learn but with the help of my teachers when I started practicing, it became easy and simple,” he added. When we saw him practicing, he was actually singing the tune and asked his band members to repeat the same. “Music is what I love, this comes from within. I don’t have to look for inspiration from outside,” concluded Oleg.


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