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29 September 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to media questions on the sidelines of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly

Question: Is Russia disappointed by the new administration of Cyril Ramaphosa declining to move ahead on the nuclear deal with ROSATOM? That was something President Putin raised at the BRICS Summit earlier this year in Johannesburg. Can you give us Russia’s position on this... Read more...
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28 August 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Pravda,...

Question: The populists are clearly strengthening their hand in Europe, as demonstrated, for example, by the election returns in Italy or Austria. Isn’t this working in Russia’s favour? Sergey Lavrov: You know, we are trying not to think in this way or...>>
21 August 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a...

Question: In one of his public statements on the progress in convening the intra-Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield is reported to have said that he doubts that Russia...>>
20 August 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to...

Question: What are the prospects for introducing an electronic visa system for foreign citizens visiting the Kaliningrad Region? Maria Zakharova: Under Part 3 of Article 8 of the Federal Law On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation...>>
14 August 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the TV and Radio...

Question: Mr Lavrov, the convention has been signed. We would like to know your opinion about the historical importance of the Aktau summit. Sergey Lavrov: The presidents of the five countries all highly praised it in their statements for the press. The...>>
12 August 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to media questions on...

Question: What is the Caspian Sea? Is it a lake, or a sea, or none of these? Sergey Lavrov: The Caspian is a special body of water. Its characteristics are spelled out in the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea (the Convention), which is...>>
09 August 2018

State Secretary and Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin’s...

Question: What is the significance of the Aktau Summit for Moscow? Grigory Karasin: This summit will close a symbolic loop beginning in Ashkhabad in 2002, then followed by meetings of five heads of state held on all coasts of the Caspian Sea in Tehran,...>>
02 August 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's remarks and answers to media...

A regular Russia-ASEAN Ministerial Meeting took place in the framework of the Russia-ASEAN partnership. This is an annual event that is usually used as an opportunity to sum up the results of the year’s work and discuss plans for the future. The...>>
27 July 2018

News conference following BRICS summit

Vladimir Putin made a statement for the press and answered questions from Russian media following a two-day BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon. I would like to brief you on what we did during...>>
19 July 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answers to...

Question: What could you say about the investigation into the incidents in Salisbury and Amesbury? Maria Zakharova: We have noticed that Britain has lately modified the tactics of covering the investigation into the Salisbury and Amesbury incidents....>>
19 July 2018

Nikolai Kudashev: US Sanctions Do Not Have a Significant Affect...

Russian Ambassador to India Nikolai Kudashev told RIA Novosti about the interaction between Moscow and New Delhi at the bilateral and international levels, cooperation in trade and energy, as well as the US attempts to force Russia out of the Indian arms...>>
21 June 2018

Press release on the BRICS consultative meeting on the Middle...

On June 20, 2018, the fourth BRICS consultative meeting on the Middle East and North Africa took place in the capital of South Africa, Pretoria. The meeting was attended by Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative for the...>>
20 June 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a...

Question: The other day, the State Department’s Heather Nauert tweeted that “Russia’s proxies” in Donbass allegedly fired surface to air missiles at OSCE civilian UAVs and harassed unarmed OSCE monitors, who risked their lives defending civilians. She...>>
13 June 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media...

Ladies and gentlemen, We held very substantive talks that we will continue at a working breakfast. We noted our mutual interest in maintaining and substantially increasing the legacy left to us by our predecessors and the relations that have lasted for...>>
11 June 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to media questions...

Question: What is the focal point of the CSTO statement on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), which was adopted at Russia’s initiative? Sergey Lavrov: Indeed, the CSTO foreign ministers adopted a statement on the INF Treaty. We...>>
10 June 2018

Vladimir Putin answered questions from journalists

After the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, Vladimir Putin met with Russian journalists. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, welcome everyone. I suggest we immediately get down to your questions without any statements from me...>>
09 June 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's answer to a media question on...

Question: We often hear that a reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula is following a plan by Russia and China. Sergey Lavrov: It is not a plan, but a roadmap that included the cessation of militant rhetoric on both sides as a first step, the start of a...>>
07 June 2018

Answers to journalists’ questions following Direct Line

After the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin, the President took questions from journalists. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon. Question: Mr President, which questions did you expect to hear, which were not asked? Perhaps, you would like...>>
06 June 2018

Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Artyom...

Question: Will you comment, please, on the entry bans for Russian citizens adopted in some countries, including the Baltics? Artyom Kozhin: We certainly do not leave such unfriendly actions unanswered. The latest example is Estonia, which imposed an...>>
06 June 2018

Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Artyom...

Question: The media have often written about a humanitarian catastrophe in Raqqa lately. Would you, please, comment on this? Artyom Kozhin: On June 6 a year ago, the US-led coalition launched an operation to “liberate” Raqqa from ISIS. The siege of...>>
04 June 2018

Interview with Austrian ORF television channel

Ahead of his visit to Austria, the President of Russia answered questions from Austria’s ORF news presenter Armin Wolf. Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) news presenter Armin Wolf: Mr President, your first foreign visit takes you to Austria. Is...>>
04 June 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and answers to media...

Ladies and gentlemen, First of all, I want to thank our South African friends for their hospitality and excellent organisation of our work. I am pleased to see that these meetings of BRICS foreign ministers, along with our annual meetings on the...>>
01 June 2018

State Secretary and Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin’s...

Question: The Normandy Format for the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine was established on June 6 four years ago. But is this format operational, considering that the four countries’ leaders have not met for nearly two years, and their foreign...>>
31 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s opening remarks during the...

President Vladimir Putin highly appreciates the kind words you said in your message of greetings on his election for a new presidential term. He conveys to you the warmest greetings and best wishes of success in the major undertakings that have now been...>>
31 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media...

Ladies and gentlemen, We held talks with Foreign Minister of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Ri Yong-ho on the deepening of our cooperation in the context of bilateral relations and interaction on the international stage. We held detailed...>>
30 May 2018

News conference following Russian-Bulgarian talks

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen, Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov and I have just concluded talks. They were held in a business-like and constructive atmosphere and were fairly productive. Bulgaria is...>>
30 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to...

Mr Dynkin, Colleagues and friends, Ladies and gentlemen, I am grateful for a new opportunity to speak at the international forum named after Academician Evgeny Primakov, an outstanding Russian statesman, academic and public figure. It is indeed a...>>
29 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to...

Mr Palchik, Colleagues, friends, Thank you for the opportunity to make a speech at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Belarus, one of the leading educational and research institutions in your country. We know about the...>>
29 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media...

Mr Makei, Ladies and gentlemen, I fully share what my colleague and friend, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Makei, has said about the special importance of our allied relations. The Republic of Belarus is our closest ally and...>>
25 May 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a...

Question: The Netherlands and Australia hold Russia responsible for its part in the 2014 Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in Ukraine. For example, their accusations hinge on claims that Russian authorities failed to cooperate in full with investigators on...>>
25 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answer to a media question on...

Question: Australia and the Netherlands believe that Russia was implicated in the MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine. Are they offering a dialogue on this issue? Sergey Lavrov: Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok rang me up earlier today and reported what was...>>
21 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to media questions on...

Question: Could you share the outcomes of today's talks with us? Sergey Lavrov: The talks were long, candid and friendly. Both leaders will continue to talk in informal settings. In this group we discussed, in fact, all areas of our particularly...>>
18 May 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Argentine...

Question: What will Russia propose and what statements will it make at the G20 foreign minister meeting on Monday, May 21? Are Russia’s priorities consonant with those that Argentina is promoting in the G20 this year? Will the Russian President visit...>>
18 May 2018

Acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the...

Question: What is of primary importance for international affairs, politics or the economy? Whose business interests are behind the current accusations against Russia? Do the increasing political tensions between Russia and the EU correspond to the...>>
16 May 2018

Acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to...

Good afternoon, We have held substantive talks with my Ecuadoran colleague, Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa. Ecuador is Russia’s old friend and reliable strategic partner in Latin America. Our relations rest on the feeling of respect and mutual...>>
14 May 2018

Acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to...

God afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, We have completed the fourth round of talks between the foreign and defence ministers of Russia and Egypt in the two-plus-two format. This format is unique for Russia’s relations with Arab countries and is evidence...>>
14 May 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a...

Question: What do you think about the new EU sanctions against a number of Russian nationals? Maria Zakharova: The Foreign Ministry took note of the May 14 decision by the EU Council to list a number of officials from the election commissions of Crimea...>>
10 May 2018

Acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to...

Ladies and gentlemen, First of all, I would like to once again welcome to Moscow my colleague, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Heiko Maas, who is on his first visit to our country as foreign minister. We are...>>
04 May 2018

Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov’s interview with the...

Question: You and many of your colleagues often say that Russia aims to establish a system of Asian collective security in the foreseeable future. What problems exist in this area? For example, how can this common system involve China and India that...>>
24 April 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media...

The meeting of the SCO Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs has come to a close. We focused our attention on preparations for the upcoming SCO summit meeting, which will be held in Qingdao, China, on June 9 and 10. It will be the first SCO summit...>>
23 April 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answer to a media question on...

Question: Would it be correct to say that the question of supplying the S-300s to Syria is almost settled? Sergey Lavrov: I cannot say that it is settled. We all know what President of Russia Vladimir Putin said. He raised this matter with a...>>
21 April 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s reply to a media...

Question: Will you comment please on the lawsuit filed by the US Democratic Party, including against Russia, over the results of the 2016 presidential election in the US? Maria Zakharova: We have read media reports according to which the Democratic...>>
20 April 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Rossiya...

Question: Mr Lavrov, you said that Russia has uncontestable evidence – not “highly likely” as the British like to say, but uncontestable – of the fact that the so-called chemical attack in Douma near Damascus was staged by a country that wants to be in...>>
20 April 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and responses to...

Ladies and gentlemen, First of all, I would like to note that it was very pleasant to welcome my Austrian colleague, Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria Karin Kneissl, who is visiting Russia in this...>>
18 April 2018

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko’s interview with...

Question: Mr Grushko, Brussels prefers not to notice other Eurasian security organisations, including the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO). So far, Brussels has failed to meet with understanding the idea of inter-institutional dialogue...>>
17 April 2018

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s response to a...

Question: What can you say about some Western media outlets’ claims that Russia is blocking the OPCW Fact Finding Mission experts’ access to the town of Douma? Maria Zakharova: First, I would like to note that we support Director General of...>>
16 April 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with BBC...

Question: The world was deeply alarmed last week by the prospect of a direct military confrontation between the United States and Russia. How close do you believe we came to that? Sergey Lavrov: Well, I don't think that was very close. I believe it was...>>
15 April 2018

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s interview with TASS...

Question: State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert claimed that Russia failed to live up to its 2013 commitments to assist in the elimination of chemical stockpiles in Syria. What is your comment? Sergey Ryabkov: The elimination process included...>>
10 April 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and responses to...

Ladies and gentlemen, We held talks with Foreign Minister of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Ri Yong-ho. We discussed at great length the state of bilateral relations. In 2018 it will be 70 years since the establishment of diplomatic...>>
04 April 2018

News conference following a meeting of the presidents of Russia,...

Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani held a joint news conference following the second trilateral meeting of the heads of states, guarantors of the Astana process for facilitating the Syrian peace settlement.   President of the...>>
03 April 2018

Joint news conference of Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip...

The news conference with the leaders of the two countries took place at the close of the first day of the working visit by the head of state of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Turkey. The presidents of Russia and Turkey made statements for the...>>
02 April 2018

Remarks and answers to media questions by Russian Foreign...

Ladies and gentlemen, We have met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The talks were constructive, friendly, substantive and useful. This is our fourth meeting in two years. I think, considering this rate, the...>>
29 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s reply to a media question about...

Question: Will you retaliate against the expulsion of Russian diplomats using tit-for-tat methods or something stronger? Sergey Lavrov: We will retaliate in kind, but there will be more. Virtually right now, US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman is at...>>
18 March 2018

Answers to media questions

Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian and foreign journalists following the completion of the presidential election. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good evening. Question: Good evening. What is your predominant emotion today? How do you...>>
17 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the TV and Radio...

Question: What is your view of today’s meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey? What can you say about the outcome of the Astana process over the past twelve months and Kazakhstan’s role in it? Sergey Lavrov: Russia has a very...>>
16 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview to Vietnamese and...

Question: How would you assess the role and the importance of your upcoming visit to Vietnam? What is Russia’s part in the Asia-Pacific region? Sergey Lavrov: We maintain very close ties with our Vietnamese friends. We describe these relations as a...>>
16 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and answers to media...

Ladies and gentlemen, We have just ended a trilateral meeting of foreign ministers of the Russian Federation, the Turkish Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran that guarantee compliance with the ceasefire regime in Syria. I avail myself of this...>>
09 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media...

Ladies and Gentlemen, First and foremost, I would like to thank once again my colleague and friend, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia Workneh Gebeyehu, and all our Ethiopian friends for their traditional hospitality. Our meetings were timed to...>>
09 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media...

Ladies and gentlemen, We have held very substantive talks, as Chairperson of the AU Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat has said. Russia views the African Union (AU) as a key African organisation that plays a leading role in ensuring security on the...>>
07 March 2018

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Office and other...

Question: What does Russia think about the resolution on the situation in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, passed by the UN Human Rights Council? Gennady Gatilov:  As is known, our British colleagues convened emergency debates on Friday and submitted a...>>
05 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and responses to...

Mr Minister, Ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends, First of all, I would like to thank our Angolan hosts for their warm welcome and hospitality. Our relations that began long before Angola’s independence are truly versatile and full of friendliness,...>>
05 March 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answer to a media...

Madam Minister, Friends, Ladies and gentlemen, I was glad to receive a generous invitation from Madam Minister to visit Namibia following her visit to Russia just over a year ago. We in Russia attach much significance to our warm and friendly...>>
28 February 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to media questions on...

Question: The United States adopted new sanctions against North Korea last weekend. What is the probability of a US military operation? How would Russia react in this case? Sergey Lavrov: You should ask the US administration about the probability of a...>>
27 February 2018

TASS news agency interview with Gennady Gatilov, Permanent...

Question: Mr Gatilov, you became head of the Permanent Mission of Russia to the UN Office in Geneva at a very difficult time. What topics covered by the UN Geneva Office constitute diplomatic priorities for Russia? Gennady Gatilov: For us, almost all...>>
18 February 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview for Leaders of...

Question: You have probably taken note of posters in this building, which say “Russia is a land of opportunity.” During your workshop, you appealed to historical experience. Can you provide any historical examples to prove that Russia is indeed a land of...>>
16 February 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Euronews...

Question: Mr Lavrov, thank you for your time, regardless of your packed schedule. My first question is about US-Russia relations. After Donald Trump took over as president, these relations have become unprecedentedly tense. Did Russia expect something...>>
13 February 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to...

Ladies and gentlemen, We conducted very substantial talks with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Belgium Didier Reynders. We met not so long ago, last summer, in Brussels. I thanked my counterpart for his hospitality...>>
13 February 2018

Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative...

Question: The United States has announced the training of the Syrian Border Security Force, a 30,000 strong group that will be mostly comprised of Kurds. The first elections of different levels have been held in the so-called Democratic Federation of...>>
10 February 2018

Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and...

Question: Does the Foreign Ministry have any special traditions for celebrating Diplomatic Workers’ Day? Mikhail Bogdanov: First of all, I would like to congratulate my fellow diplomats who work at the central office and our foreign missions all over...>>
08 February 2018

Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov interviewed by Rossiya...

Question: The Russian side has noted the need for coordinating Russian-US counter-terrorism efforts and for launching closer cooperation between both countries’ secret services. Are any meetings on this issue expected soon? When are they scheduled to...>>
02 February 2018

State Secretary and Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin's...

Question: Mr Karasin, earlier you had a meeting in Prague with the Georgian Prime Minister's special representative for relations with Russia, Zurab Abashidze. How did the meeting go? What issues were raised at the meeting? Grigory Karasin: The meeting...>>
30 January 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to media questions on...

Question: Are we seeing the development of a new union of the opposition forces represented by Randa Kassis, Qadri Jamil, Haytham Manna and Ahmad Jarba, a union that is quite different from the radical opposition groups that have refused to attend the...>>
22 January 2018

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov remarks and answers to media...

Ladies and gentlemen, We have held productive talks, discussed in detail the political and military situation in Yemen, the prospects for a settlement of the domestic political crisis and also reviewed some issues of the bilateral agenda. We consider...>>
22 January 2018

Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov’s interview with TASS news...

Question: Mr. Morgulov, in early January South Korea and North Korea had their first top-level negotiations in two years. In the last few weeks, North and South Korean representatives have met three times. What do you think of the prospects of direct...>>
25 December 2017

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media...

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have held talks with Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and his delegation and discussed a wide range of bilateral, as well as international and regional matters. We agree that the current state of...>>
25 December 2017

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and response to a media...

Ladies and gentlemen, Together with the Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu, we had frank and important talks. We discussed matters relating to the current stage of efforts seeking to advance the Syrian settlement in accordance with UN Security Council...>>
18 December 2017

Interview with Director of the Foreign Ministry Department for...

Question: Could you comment on the situation around further investigations of chemical incidents in Syria? Earlier, the Foreign Ministry declared that you have not drawn a line under the case of Khan Sheikhoun and Moscow will be against further...>>
13 December 2017

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answer to a question on the...

Question: Could you comment on your meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson?Sergey Lavrov: The meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fairly concrete and long – about an hour. We paid particular attention to the implementation of...>>
29 November 2017

A Facebook group is preserving old Soviet books that generations...

Aa Pazhaya Russian Pusthakangal is digitising the Malayalam translations of works that disappeared from bookstores after the fall of the Soviet Union.It has been 26 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but its children’s books still fire the...>>
23 November 2017

Press statements following meeting with President of Iran Hassan...

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,The President of Iran, Mr Rouhani, the President of Turkey, Mr Erdogan, and I have just concluded comprehensive talks on Syria, which were held in a constructive and businesslike...>>
25 October 2017

Pacific Fleet & Indian Navy Marines cross obstacle course...

Marines of the Pacific Fleet and the Indian Navy competed in groups to practise counterterrorism actions at the Gornostay training ground near Vladivostok within the framework of the INDRA-2017 bilateral tri-service exercise.The counter-terror groups...>>
18 October 2017

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Valdai...

Question: Mr Lavrov, thank you for agreeing to talk with the Valdai International Discussion Club website. Sergey Lavrov: There’s no escaping you. Question: What did our American partners hope to achieve by inciting anti-Russia sentiment in society and...>>
23 September 2017

Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov’s interview with TASS...

Question: This year, there is no meeting of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) on the sidelines of the 72nd UN General Assembly. Does this mean that this format is no longer relevant? Gennady Gatilov: No, the group remains in place. It was...>>
30 June 2017

Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov’s answer to a question...

Question: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently commented on a change in Russia's position on North Korea. Did Moscow really change its policy? Is Russia ready to try to influence Pyongyang, possibly together with China, to make it stop the moves...>>
20 June 2017

भारतीय पैनोरमा 39 वें मास्को अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म फेस्टिवल में...

हर साल दुनिया में सबसे प्रतिष्ठित फिल्म समारोह में से एक पिछले 20 वर्षों के दौरान मास्को इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल में जूरी का नेतृत्व अग्रणी फिल्म हस्तियों ने किया है, जैसे रिचर्ड गेरे, थियो एंजेलोपोलोस, मार्गरेथे वॉन ट्राटा, एलन पार्कर, ग्लेब पैनफिलोव,...>>
20 June 2017

Bahubali goes to Moscow

 For the first time, the Indian Panorama, with its pan-India essence, is expected to be the highlight of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival from June 22 to 30. Team Viva previews the picks and talks to the curatorsBefore the release of Bahubali...>>
08 June 2017


Having written about the Russian Revolution’s fiftieth anniversary along with her husband, Achala Moulik returns to the subject to mark its centenary. Aakriti Narang reports Achala Moulik has been fascinated with Russia as a country ever since the age...>>
05 June 2017

Press statements following Russian-Indian talks

Following Russian-Indian talks, Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi made press statements.President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen,First of all, I am pleased to once again welcome Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to...>>
16 April 2017

BRICS Agricultural Research Platform inaugurated in India

The Coordinating Centre of the BRICS Agricultural Research Platform was inaugurated by Dr. T. Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE) & Director General, ICAR, at NASC Complex, New Delhi as a follow up of the Memorandum of Understanding signed during the 8th...>>
14 April 2017


Anatoly V Kargapolov It is a special privilege for me to greet our Indian friends on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries. Over the past seven decades, we have travelled a great path...>>
03 April 2017

On the visit of the Russian International Affairs Council...

On March 30-31, 2017 the delegation of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) headed by Dr Andrey Kortunov, Director General, took part in the conference in New Delhi dedicated to the Russian-Indian relations arranged by one of the leading...>>
26 March 2017

Director, FSB, Russia, calls on Union Home Minister

The Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh, received the 9-Member Russian delegation led by the Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), Mr. Alexander Bortnikov here today. Shri Rajnath Singh informed the visiting...>>
23 March 2017

Russia, India in negotiations for new investment agreement

Russia and India try to achieve the trade turnover of $30 billion by 2025. Russia and India are negotiating a new agreement on encouragement and mutual protection of investments, Yaroslav Tarasyuk, Head of the Trade representation of the Russian...>>
18 March 2017

India, Russia hold talks to boost economic cooperation

NEW DELHI: Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev today held discussions with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on ways to boost economic cooperation including in the energy and diamond processing sectors. "The two leaders discussed...>>
01 March 2017

Private Indo-Russian Centre of Excellence launched in...

The centre was inaugurated on Feb. 23 on the sidelines of an international symposium in Kolkata. On Feb. 23, the JIS University in Kolkata launched a new private initiative for boosting Russian-Indian scientific ties. The Centre of Excellence at the JIS...>>
16 February 2017

India to buy Russian AWACS aircraft

Russia and India have signed a contract for the supply of A-50EI early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft, President of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar told TASS on Feb. 14 on the sidelines of the Aero India 2017 air show.Slyusar did...>>
16 February 2017

India and Russia seek to revive stalled helicopter venture

BENGALURU: India and Russia are nearing a joint venture to make light helicopters in India, reviving a plan announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2015. India needs to replace hundreds of ageing utility helicopters deployed along its Himalayan...>>
13 February 2017


The Russian envoy loved his karmabhoomi In a fitting tribute to its longest-serving and most successful diplomat, Alexander M Kadakin, the Russian Government has dedicated an important room in its New Delhi Embassy premises to house a Memorial Museum in...>>
25 January 2017

India Seeks Russian Help to Modernize its Ageing Railways

Russia has started a pilot project to help India increase the speed of its trains. This is the first time Russia has entered India’s vast and heavily used rail network. Both sides are hoping the initial partnership will blossom into meaningful...>>
10 January 2017

Russia offers ‘safe city’ system to India

"Safe city" is a major step towards a "smart city" system, according to Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry RogozinRussia offers India a ‘safe city’ hardware and software system designed by Russian specialists, along with other projects presented at...>>
15 December 2016

India-Russia begin maritime exercise in Bay of Bengal

India and Russia began the ninth edition of their bilateral naval exercise, Indra Navy, in the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday. The eight-day military exercise, which will continue till December 21, is aimed at increasing interoperability between the two...>>
08 December 2016

India-Russia naval drills begin next week

The Russian Pacific Fleet Command announced on Tuesday that the India-Russia naval exercises – named Indra NAVY-2016 – will begin on December 14 and comprise two stages.Naval-land drills be held off the southeastern coastal city of Visakhapatnam in India...>>
30 November 2016

India, Russia chose most feasible site for building new nuclear...

The plant is likely to be located in Andhra-Pradesh, an Indian official told TASS.A site in India’s Andhra-Pradesh State is the most probable for construction of a new nuclear power plant (NPP) with Russia’s participation, Swapnesh Malhotra, Adviser of...>>
21 November 2016

Russia ready to assist India's relief efforts amid deadly train...

Russia's Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief is prepared to assist India in relief efforts following a deadly train crash, the ministry said in a statement Monday. "Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov sent a telegram to...>>
08 November 2016

India to Contract for More Russian Tanks, Plans Domestic...

If Russia approves India’s ‘Acceptance of Necessity’ for 464 T-90 tanks, this will be the second major defense deal with Russia under PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The first `Make in India’ deal in the defence sector is to produce Kamov...>>
27 October 2016

Terrorism cannot be defeated with double standards:...

"Russia is India's time tested and closest partner and it will continue to remain our primary defence partner," Parrikar said. Coming together against terrorism, India and Russia on Wednesday said the menace cannot be defeated with ‘double standards’...>>
20 October 2016

India and Russia Ink S-400 Missile Air Defense System Deal

India and Russia signed an inter-governmental agreement for the procurement of four (some sources say five) regiments of Russian-made S-400 Triumf advanced Air Defense Systems (NATO reporting name: SA-21 Growler) on October 15 in Goa, India at the...>>
18 October 2016

Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian journalists

The President of Russia answered questions from Russian journalists following the BRICS Summit.Question: Much is being said in the Western media about BRICS going through a rough patch. Since Brazil got a new president, the country has been allegedly...>>
15 October 2016

Press statement following Russian-Indian talks

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen, friends.   First, I would like to congratulate our Indian friends on the start of the full operation of Unit 2 at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and, of course, on the launch...>>
14 October 2016

What’s on the agenda as Modi & Putin meet

The backdrop to the annual India-Russia summit in Goa on Saturday is an acrimonious East-West standoff, a strengthening Russia-China axis, Russia’s perceived dalliance with Pakistan and India’s broadening engagement with the United States. A recurrent...>>
10 October 2016

India, Russia Planning To Create ‘Green Corridor’

India and Russia are contemplating to create a ‘green corridor’ in order to boost bilateral trade ties. Indian business daily ‘The Economic Times’ has reported that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin recently discussed the issue with Indian...>>
10 October 2016

India, Russia may ink cyber-security pact next week

NEW DELHI: India and Russia will likely sign a cyber-security pact during Russian President Vladimir Putin's trip to Goa next week, cementing joint efforts to curb terror-related activities in the region. Officials of both countries said a pact in this...>>
09 October 2016

Russia: Agreement to promote country as popular destination in...

An agreement to promote Russia as a popular tourism destination in the Indian market has been signed in St. Petersburg. “The agreement will enable the parties to effectively coordinate the activities to promote Russia as a popular destination in the...>>
03 October 2016

Russia Backs Surgical Strikes, Asks Pakistan to Stop Terror...

New Delhi: Backing India’s surgical strikes against terror camps in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) the Russian ambassador to India, Alexander M Kadakin, said that Russian Federation was the only country to say in plain words that terrorists came from...>>
23 September 2016


1. Over 250 Indian Troops from Infantry Brigade arrived in Vladivostok over the weekend to take part in Joint Indian - Russian Exercise Indra-2015 scheduled to commence with effect from 22 Sep 2016 till 02 Oct 2016. On arrival the troops were received by...>>
15 September 2016

Indian Home Minister to visit Russia to heighten anti-terror...

Rajnath Singh, India’s Interior Minister, is visiting Moscow to increase bilateral cooperation against terrorism, particularly directed against India from Pakistan. Singh will also provide the government’s assessment of how Pakistan is directly inciting...>>
15 September 2016

Russia eyes shipbuilding project in Vizag

VISAKHAPATNAM: At a time when the city is already playing host to various defence sector enterprises, the latest entrant to cater to the growing requirement of the Indian Navy is likely to be a consortium of industries from Russia led by the United...>>
15 September 2016

India and Russia reach agreement on FGFA and Ka-226T...

India and Russia have concluded negotiations to jointly develop a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) and to licence-build 200 twin-engine Kamov Ka-226T 'Hoodlum' light multi-role helicopters.Official sources told IHS Jane's on 12 September that...>>
15 September 2016

Indian team for Russia in hunt for submarine

India and Russia will undertake advanced discussions this week on the leasing of a second nuclear attack submarine which have been ongoing for a while.An Indian delegation is heading to Russia in the next few days to carry out talks on the issue,...>>
09 September 2016

India Ready To Strike Mega Defence Deals With Russia

Alexander M Kadakin, the Russian Ambassador in New Delhi, once described India as a “rich fiancé with many bridegrooms” while commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s international balancing act. Kadakin believes that the main aim of PM Modi’s...>>
09 September 2016

India, Russia discuss $4 billion deal for 4 stealth...

India, of course, has begun to construct its own stealth warships, having inducted three 6,100-tonne Shivalik-class frigates.NEW DELHI: In what could turn into yet another mega defence deal with Russia, bilateral negotiations have gained momentum for...>>
09 September 2016

India and Russia agree on details of new joint production of...

NEW DELHI: After several months of hectic negotiations on technical details, India andRussia are ready with a detailed work-share agreement for joint production of a fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA). Russia will now share critical new generation...>>
02 September 2016


Headed by Pankaj Saran, the Indian Ambassador to Russia, a delegation from the Indian Embassy in Russia visited the defense shipyards in Severodvinsk. They visited the "Sevmash" production association, where aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov was...>>
02 September 2016

Russia helped secure India’s development with nuke energy

The second unit of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant was connected to the Indian power grid on Monday, signifying a major boost to India’s development and a critical phase for Russia’s move to enter the global stage in nuclear power plant development.By...>>
02 September 2016

India and Russia to Jointly Set Up $300 Million Logistics Hub...

A formal agreement between India and Russia is likely to be signed by October this year. India to Upgrade Russian-Made Su-30 Fighter Jets Amid Delay in Rafale Deal New Delhi (Sputnik) – India, with the help of Russia, plans to set up a logistics hub for...>>
29 August 2016

Why India-Russia are an ideal match for each other

Rapidly expanding privileged strategic partnership between the two countries bodes well for their future as well as the region.Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet at least twice over the coming two months.The first...>>
22 August 2016

Rogozin’s unannounced visit to boost India ties

With the forthcoming G-20 and BRICS summits due in September and October respectively, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin visited New Delhi to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday and discuss and finalise positions on bilateral...>>
28 July 2016

Russia's Ambassador to India honoured for work to raise...

Alexander Kadakin, the Russian envoy to India, has been awarded the Order of Friendship by Sergey Ivanov, the Russian President's Chief of Staff, in recognition of his extraordinary work to strengthen and raise the level of bilateral relations. Sergey...>>
25 June 2016

Answers to media questions

Vladimir Putin responded to media questions at the end of his working visit to Uzbekistan to attend the SCO Heads of State Council, timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the SCO.Question: I would like to ask you about Brexit. Well before the...>>
20 June 2016

Meeting with heads of international news agencies

The meeting was attended by representatives of news agencies from France, Spain, the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, China, Japan, India and Italy.* * *President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,I have...>>
16 June 2016

India’s delegation plans to discuss oil, gas cooperation with...

The delegation consists of top officials of the country’s leading ministries and departments, heads of state oil and gas companies as well as representatives of India’s business circlesIndia’s Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra...>>
16 June 2016

Russia is India’s key partner in economy, energy

India is one of few countries that will have a round table with Russia at the St. Petersburg International Economic ForumRussia is one of India’s key international partners in such areas as economic, energy and military cooperation, Indian Ambassador to...>>
10 June 2016

Russia eyes manufacture of nuclear power components in India

Two countries plan to build 12 reactors in next two decades Russian atomic power corporation Rosatom is looking forward to participating in the Make in India programme and assembly of fuel rods and control system components appear to be on the cards, an...>>
30 May 2016

India's fifth generation fighter jet deal with Russia on cards...

India is close to signing an agreement on co-developing the fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) for use by the Indian Air Force (IAF), defence minister Manohar Parrikar has said during his media interactions to mark the second anniversary of Modi...>>
30 May 2016

India-Russia agree to export BRAHMOS, world's fastest anti-ship...

NEW DELHI (FE): India and Russia have agreed 'in principle' to export the world's fastest anti-ship cruise missile, BRAHMOS, to UAE, Vietnam, South Africa and Chile.Sources in the government told FE on Thursday that several structural changes were made...>>
30 May 2016

Take Off: India & Russia Poised to Agree Development of...

New Delhi (Sputnik) – One of the biggest defense deals between India and Russia is likely see the light of day very soon. Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar has confirmed that the final agreement on developing the FGFA between India & Russia...>>
30 May 2016

Russia, India Determine 14 Possible Purchasers of BrahMos Cruise...

The Russia-India committee has determined 14 countries including Chile, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, which can purchase the Indo-Russian supersonic BrahMos cruise missiles, according to BrahMos Aerospace enterprise spokesman Praveen...>>
30 May 2016

Russia, India preparing agreement for Kundankulam 5 and 6

Rosatom Deputy Chief Executive Nikolai Spassky and Chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission Sekhar Basu discussed the preparation of a general framework agreement for the fifth and sixth units of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP),...>>
19 May 2016

Russian-built pilot training facility in India starts...

The Nikta complex is being used to train aircraft carrier-based pilots.A complex for training aircraft carrier-based pilots, which was built in India with assistance from Russian enterprises, has been put into operation and is already being used, a...>>
18 April 2016

Sergey Lavrov: Russia, India maintain privileged strategic...

Russia and India have established a privileged strategic partnership, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday at a meeting with his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj. "Our intensive political dialogue reflects the special nature of a...>>
10 April 2016

Vladimir Putin expresses condolences to Indian leadership over...

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed condolences to Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in connection with the death of a large number of people in a fire at a Hindu temple in the town of Paravur, the Kremlin...>>
30 March 2016

Russia ready to manufacture defence products with Indian...

Senior officials of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Co-operation (FSMTC) of Russia, and officials of the Rosoboronexport informed that Russia will fully co-operate and is ready to manufacture the defence products in collaboration with the...>>
24 March 2016

Russia, India to Discuss Boosting Defense Industry...

Rosoboronexport Deputy Director Sergei Goreslavsky said that India is willing to develop its own defence industry in accordance with the 'Make in India' programme and could cooperate with Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport. MOSCOW (Sputnik) —...>>
10 March 2016

Russia, India to hold consultations on joint military drills in...

The first round of planning consultations for the Russian-Indian anti-terrorist drills Indra-2016 will take place in April in Russia’s Vladivostok, the head of the Russian Eastern Military District's (EMD) press service said Wednesday. The first round...>>
01 March 2016

India: First Kinnow exports to Russia

Deccan Produce started to ship kinnows to Russia this season for the first time, the opportunity came along as other major producing countries were deficient this year."We have always been aware of the potential for kinnow because we saw neighbouring...>>
01 March 2016

More Indian tourists visiting Russia

Increasing numbers of Indian tourists are visiting Russia, Canada, and New Zealand, which are now the three fastest growing tourist destinations for Indians going on holiday. A survey of Indian travel agencies, prepared and published recently in the...>>
11 February 2016

Russian Science Day at Delhi’s RCSC

The Day of Russian Science was marked at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in New Delhi on February 8, 2016. Eminent scientists were among those who participated in the event. The Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in New Delhi...>>
11 February 2016

Russia`s achievements in science lauded

  Russia`s achievements in science lauded>>
05 February 2016

Indian universities interested in creating centers for Russian...

More centers that are engaged in the study of Russia should soon appear in Russia, said George Mathew, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Social Sciences (India), during a panel session at the St. Petersburg International Economic...>>
03 February 2016

Prospects for Russian-Indian cooperation discussed at St....

On January 30, 2016, two St. Petersburg International Economic Forum panel sessions on bilateral relations between Russia and India took place in New Delhi: "Fulfilling the Indian-Russian economic promise" and "BRICS growth agenda: investment hot spots...>>
21 January 2016

“Disha” awaited in Crimea

"Disha", the Indo-Russian Friendship Society, eager to establish contacts with Indian students studying at the Crimean universities. About 700 students from India are presently studying in the Crimean Federal University named after V. I. Vernadsky. The...>>
19 January 2016

Russia to participate in India Chem 2016

India Chem 2016 would be organized in its 9th edition from 1st-3rd September 2016.India Chem 2016, the largest event of chemicals and petrochemicals industry in India, would be organized in its 9th edition from 1st-3rd September 2016, jointly by...>>
18 January 2016

Russia, India Team for Joint Military Exercise

TASS reports Russia and India will hold joint exercises of airborne troops in the coming months, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry told TASS on Tuesday. “The delegation of the Russian Airborne Troops has arrived in Pune [India], where it...>>
23 December 2015

Modi visit to reassure Moscow

Indians will never forget the Russian support that we got when we needed it the most, says PM. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for Moscow on Wednesday with a slew of defence acquisitions worth an estimated $10 billion and nuclear and space...>>
21 December 2015


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will embark on his second visit during the current year to Russia for the annual Summit with President Putin on 24th Dec, 2015. He earlier toured Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan in Russia on 8-10th July for the SCO and...>>
10 December 2015

Make in India boost: India-Russia to sign landmark deal for...

MOSCOW: India and Russia are set to sign a landmark deal to jointly manufacture new generation of light military choppers under the Make in India initiative during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Moscow later this month.While the inter...>>
10 December 2015

Rogozin: India fully supports Russia’s efforts to combat...

India fully supports Russia’s efforts to combat terrorism. This was stated on Tuesday by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on the results of his one-day working visit to new Delhi, dedicated to prepare for in late December bilateral summit in...>>
10 December 2015

Russia offers Turkish slot to India

Russia is offering Indian companies a chance to replace Turkey in the Russian market, Russia’s visiting Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told journalists in New Delhi.Visiting Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin arrived in India on December...>>
09 December 2015

India and Russia are in vanguard of struggle against...

NEW DELHI, December 8 /TASS/. India and Russia are on the one side of the barricades. They are also in the vanguard of fighting international terrorism, Russian Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin told TASS after a visit to New Delhi on Tuesday. "Indian Prime...>>
07 December 2015

Indra Navy-2015: Russia, India Naval Exercise From Today

The Indian Navy and the Russian Federation Navy (RFN) will indulge in bilateral maritime exercise for the eighth edition of Indra Navy - 2015 commencing Monday. The exercise is scheduled to be conducted in the Bay of Bengal till December 12, and was...>>
20 November 2015

Public Diplomacy’s 90th anniversary at RCSC

The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in New Delhi celebrated Russia’s Public Diplomacy (VOKS-SSOD-RAMS-ROSZARUBEZHCENTER-ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO) initiative, which turned 90 this week.The Cossack Dance Ensemble “STANITSA” from Russia held the audience...>>
20 November 2015

RCSC celebrates turning 40 in Mumbai

Vladimir Dementyev, Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, told RIR of the unique features of working in Mumbai and plans for future development.How will you celebrate this jubilee? Is something special planned for the occasion?A plot of...>>
12 November 2015

Russia and India to work on 5th-gen upgrade to Su-35 fighter

Russia and India have signed an agreement to jointly develop a fifth-generation upgrade of the Su-35 Super Flanker multirole fighter, according to a report published March 8 on Virginia-based military affairs website Defense News. The fighter will be a...>>
11 November 2015

40 years of RCSC in Trivandrum

Ratheesh Nair, director of the Russian Cultural Center in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), India, where he is also an Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation, talks with RIR about Kerala`s connections with Russia and future celebrations. How was the...>>
10 November 2015

Russia to Deliver 3 Mi-17V-5 Helicopters to India in Near...

Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of the Russian state technology company Rostec, will supply India with the last 3 Mi-17V-5.DUBAI (Sputnik) — Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of the Russian state technology company Rostec, will supply India with the...>>
10 November 2015

India, Russia joint military exercise begins

Indian and Russian armies on Tuesday commenced their two-week INDRA-2015 joint military exercise at the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges in Rajasthan's Bikaner district, over 350 km from here.The drill focuses on "counter terrorism operations in the backdrop...>>
05 November 2015

BrahMos missile "first of its kind" in the world to be...

NEW DELHI: The jointly developed India-Russia supersonic cruise missile, BrahMos, is all set to be the first of its kind to be integrated on a fighter aircraft for the Indian Air Force, claims Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). BrahMos is a precision...>>
02 November 2015

India, Russia Agree to Strengthen Collaboration in the Area of...

New Delhi: Russia informed that they have developed a centre for Information and Communication Technology and would like to collaborate with India in this area. The issue came up for discussion when the Union Minister for Science, Technology and Earth...>>
02 November 2015

Russia, India May Conclude Up to $3Bln-Worth in New Arms...

The value of a new package of contracts to supply Russian arms and military equipment to India may reach $3 billion, the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade said Friday. MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Earlier, India's Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said his...>>
02 November 2015

India, Russia set to finalise Nuke submarine, anti-ballistic...

High profile defence agreements, including a contract for acquiring second nuclear submarine and another for S-400 missile system, which is said to the most potent anti- ballistic shield of present times, are likely to be finalised during the annual...>>
02 November 2015

India-Russia Likely To Ink Kamov 226T Helicopter Deal in...

India and Russia are likely sign an agreement for the manufacture in India of the Kamov KA 226T helicopters during the visit of Prime Minister Modi in December.
Indian defence minister Manohar Parrikar who embarked on a three-day visit to Russia said in...>>
02 November 2015

Indian Military to Procure 149 Russia-Licensed BMP-2 Combat...

The Indian Defense Ministry on Thursday approved the acquisition of 149 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles to be built in the country under license from Russia, The Times of India reported.
NEW DELHI (Sputnik) — The decision, adopted by the ministry's...>>
28 October 2015

दिल्ली में रूसी बैले स्कूल में दाखिले...

भारत के उस अनूठे बैले स्कूल में दाखिले शुरू हो गए हैं, जहाँ रूस की पेशेवर बैले नर्तकी बच्चों को बैले डांस सिखाती हैं। भारत के उस अनूठे बैले स्कूल में दाखिले शुरू हो गए हैं, जहाँ रूस की पेशेवर बैले नर्तकी बच्चों को बैले डांस सिखाती हैं। आरआईआर ने रूसी...>>
28 October 2015

India leaning towards the Ka-226 helicopters

The Government of India is leaning towards purchasing Ka-226 helicopters from Russia and also creating facilities for own domestic production of these aircraft, reporters learned on Tuesday from Anatoly Isaykin, head of Rosoboronexport.“According to the...>>
28 October 2015

Arihant: How Russia helped deliver India’s baby boomer

As India’s first nuclear powered submarine prepares for its maiden missile launch, a look at the extent of Russian assistance in the Arihant project.The India-Russia partnership has resulted in a string of successful defence projects, but none is more...>>
27 October 2015

हिमालय, रेरिख उत्सव और...

प्रतिवर्ष अक्टूबर महीने में मनाये जाने वाले रूसी-भारतीय रेरिख उत्सव में इस वर्ष सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमों की झड़ी लगी रही| परम्परा के अनुसार यह उत्सव भारत में रूसी दूतावास के सहयोग से हिमांचल प्रदेश की कुल्लू घाटी में आयोजित किया गया| इस उत्सव का उदघाटन...>>
22 October 2015

Russian Army Preparing for Drills With India - Southern Military...

According to Russian Southern Military District press service, Russian mechanized infantry in the south of the country is finishing preparations for its Indra-2015 drills with military units from India.MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian mechanized infantry in...>>
15 October 2015

Jazz the way

After enthralling the audience with jazz fever, Igor Buttman along with visually impaired pianist Oleg Akkruratov performed live. Riya Sharma speaks to Oleg who very proudly shares that his inspiration comes from within As they say when creative prowess...>>
12 October 2015

India May Buy 12 Russian Next Generation S-400 Air Defense...

India may purchase the next-generation Russian S-400 Triumf air defense systems, an Indian Defense Ministry source said Sunday. NEW DELHI (Sputnik) — The purchase of 12 S-400 systems was initiated by the Indian Air Forces and would be discussed at the...>>
09 October 2015

Premvir Das: India still needs Russia

In terms of acquiring indigenous defence capabilities, the gap between what comes from Russia, and from all others put together, is hugeThe kernel of relations between India and Russia (and earlier the USSR) over the past 50 years has been defence...>>
05 October 2015

MTS the first to offer internet calling plans in India

Sistema Shyam Teleservices plans to launch on Monday a spate of internet calling plans, becoming the first telecom operator to openly break ranks with peers by encouraging subscribers to make national and international long-distance calls using any OTT...>>
05 October 2015

India and Russia to co-develop new generation infantry fighting...

India might team up with its longstanding friend Russia in a bid to modernise the Indian Army, as it plans to co-develop a new generation infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) with the Russians. The co-development might, if all goes well, happen with an Indian...>>
29 September 2015

Bajaj Auto sets eye on Russian market, begins export of...

It will be first Indian firm to export a mass market bike to Russia'has shipped a few containers already.Bajaj Auto, India’s largest two-wheeler exporter, plans to enter the Russian market with its Pulsar range of motorcycles. Bajaj will be the first...>>
28 September 2015

IAF Sukhoi to start test flying with BrahMoS in Oct

In what will provide the Indian Air Force (IAF) with additional lethality, the actual integration process of the BrahMos missile with the frontline fighter jet, the Sukhoi-30-MKI, is set to commence. The integration, including mating of the 2.4 tonne...>>
25 September 2015

Suresh Shetty calls for public private partnership in Indian...

The Round Table meeting on India Russia Health Tourism and Medical Technologies Co-operation brought out interesting insights on areas of mutual co-operationMumbai, 29th May 2013: All India Association of Industries (AIAI), World Trade Centre Mumbai...>>
25 September 2015

There is nothing called Russian Mafia: Consul

The Russian Consulate has rubbished the often-repeated claims about existence of "Russian mafia" in Goa and its investments in the state's lucrative tourism industry."There is nothing called Russian mafia. There are no gun-wielding people on the streets...>>
25 September 2015

Pigmy At Last Talks To The Russian Mission To Check On the...

Panjim: Chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar on Tuesday raised the issue of Russian tourists in Goa indulging in illegal activities, including running businesses sans the mandatory visa, with the consul general of Russian Federation in Mumbai, Alexey...>>
25 September 2015

India aims to stir Russian tea pot

Mindful of the Russian fondness for tea, a delegation of Indian tea producers and marketers sought to showcase strengths of Indian tea at the World Food Exhibition in Moscow. An Indian delegation comprising 11 major tea producers and three distributors...>>
24 September 2015

Kerala, Goa, Uttarakhand hold talks with Russia to bolster...

Kerala Tourism, along with its counterparts in Goa and Uttarakhand, are mulling a formal association with the Russian Tourism and Culture Ministry, in view of an increase in tourist arrivals from that country. The decision follows the recent visit of...>>
23 September 2015

Modern Indian movies attract Russian audiences

A festival of modern Indian films held in Moscow last week attracted large audiences and showcased some contemporary Bollywood cinema and fashion designs. The 2nd Indian Film Festival took place in Moscow between September 3 and 6, with the support of...>>
23 September 2015

Visa-free tourism soon

Emulating the Russia-China visa-free tourist exchange programme, Rostourism is planning to put in place similar Russia-India visa-less tourist exchanges. Rostourism is working on a visa-free exchange plan for tourist groups between Russia and India,...>>
11 September 2015

India, Russia Working on Pact to Collaborate in Science and...

India and Russia are working together on an agreement to collaborate in the field of science and technology, which will enable the two countries to exchange ideas on technology, scientists and students."It's a general agreement (between Russia and India)...>>
08 September 2015

India wants Russia's help to corner Pakistan, ISIS activity

NEW DELHI: India has asked Russia for technical help in monitoring ISIS activity on the internet with Home Minister Rajnath Singh describing the threat from ISIS as a matter of "serious concern", a departure from his earlier stand of downplaying the ISIS...>>
08 September 2015

Indian company to boost Rosneft revenues

Russia’s energy major Rosneft and India’s Essar group signed a 10-year contract on July 8, for supply of 100 million tons of crude oil for subsequent processing at Essar’s refinery in Vadinar, India. The contract was signed at Ufa, during a meeting of...>>
08 September 2015

Russia and India Move Toward Resuming Co-Production

A co-production agreement is expected to restart joint film efforts, which came to a halt two decades ago.Russian and Indian producers are preparing to resume co-production between the two countries, which stopped with the collapse of the Soviet Union 25...>>
20 August 2015

Digital TV Russia applies for license in Indian market

In late 2009, Digital TV Russia, the commercial arm of Russia Television and Radio (VGTRK) launched My Planet, its first flagship channel. DTR now produces and distributes 21 pay TV brands in kids, factual entertainment, movies, sports and general...>>
17 August 2015

संस्कृति और पर्यटन के क्षेत्रों में रूस और भारत के बीच बढ़ता...

पिछले कुछ वर्षों में रूस और भारत के बीच सांस्कृतिक आदान-प्रदान और पर्यटन के क्षेत्र में बहुत ज़्यादा प्रगति करना सम्भव हुआ है।  भारत के स्वतन्त्रता दिवस के अवसर पर संवाद समिति ’स्पूतनिक को इण्टरव्यू देते हुए भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन ने...>>
17 August 2015

रूस और भारत : आधुनिक चुनौतियों का...

भारत के स्वतन्त्रता दिवस के अवसर पर संवाद समिति ’स्पूतनिक’ को इण्टरव्यू देते हुए भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन ने कहा -  विगत जुलाई के महीने में रूस में हुए ब्रिक्स और शंसस (शंघाई सहयोग संगठन) के शिखर-सम्मेलनों ने एक बार फिर से दिखाया कि रूस...>>
17 August 2015

भारत-रूस सहयोग की एक महत्त्वपूर्ण दिशा - सैन्य-तकनीक...

संवाद समिति ’स्पूतनिक’ को इण्टरव्यू देते हुए भारत स्थित रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन ने कहा -- सैन्य-तकनीकी सहयोग रूस और-भारत के बीच किए जा रहे आपसी सहयोग का एक महत्त्वपूर्ण और उल्लेखनीय हिस्सा है।  भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन ने भारत...>>
17 August 2015

Russia And India Respond To Modern Challenges: Ambassador...

The BRICS and the SCO summits held in July once again showed the identity of approach of Russia and India to the solution of pressing international problems and to strengthening the foundations of a multipolar world.This was emphasized by Alexander...>>
17 August 2015

Military-Technical Cooperation - An Important Component Of The...

In an interview with the agency “Sputnik” on the eve of India’s Independence Day, Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin reminded that Russia occupies a unique and leading place in the field of direct supplies and joint production of arms and...>>
17 August 2015

Russia's Key Position as India's Weaponry Supplier...

Russia remains the primary supplier of arms to India despite reports that the country is no longer the leading weapons supplier, Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin told Sputnik on Friday.MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia has supplied 80 percent of the...>>
14 August 2015

Putin sends Independence Day greetings to Mukherjee, Modi

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent his greetings on the occasion of India's Independence Day to President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.In his telegram, he praised India's "impressive success in social, economic, scientific,...>>
13 August 2015

Romancing Russia

JJ Valaya with models and Frank Schloeder of BMW India.J.J. Valaya explains how places and stories make their way into his designs but not without a touch of India.From Madrid in Europe to Morocco in Northern Africa and now Russia, Delhi-based couturier...>>
29 July 2015

Tributes to Kalam pour in from around the world

The Brahmos was Kalam’s gift to India and Russia: Russian Ambassador.“We remember him for his charm and simplicity,” Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin, who flew the Russian flag at half-mast at the embassy, told The Hindu. “He was the man who...>>
28 July 2015

Kalam an outstanding scientist, wise statesman: Putin

Moscow, July 28 (IANS) Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday condoled the death of former Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, terming him an "outstanding scientist and a wise statesman" who had done a lot to strengthen Indo-Russian friendship and...>>
20 July 2015

OUR MAN IN GOA Building Beautiful Tomorrows Victor Albuquerque...

At 74 years, business tycoon Victor Albuquerque still feels that he has a lot to do in life. “What can I say? I’m a workaholic”, he says with a twinkle in his eye. “Besides work, my hobbies are work, work and work”. Coming from a first generation of...>>
17 July 2015

Russia-India: True Comrades-in-Arms

India and Russia need not have to speak it aloud to the world time and again. They were the comrades-in-arms yesterday, and they still remain so even today despite the ever-shifting geopolitical and geostrategic sphere.A day after a senior Indian naval...>>
15 July 2015

Indo-Russian naval cooperation: Sailing high seas

Military-technical collaboration between India and Russia has been most productive in building India’s strategic naval capabilities. While India has a variety of defence partners, only Russia has provided it with a strategic, nuclear depth and...>>
13 July 2015

Nuclear talks: Russia offers India a role in new n-plants

Russia has proposed a plan to involve India in building Russian-designed nuclear power stations in third countries. The cooperation is to be extended to the area of joint extraction of natural uranium and the production of nuclear fuel and atomic waste...>>
09 July 2015

Putin, Modi vow to take ties forward

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday discussed India’s ascension to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) with Russian President Vladimir Putin as the two leaders vowed to take their strategic bilateral ties forward.The process of India...>>
06 July 2015

India-Russia Defence ties set for a lift-up; PM visit to give a...

Consequent to India increasing FDI up to 49 per cent in the Defence production, its depth of economic relations with Russia, are expected to see a dramatic change with Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi's forthcoming visit to the CIS countries giving an...>>
04 July 2015

MTS India plans to pilot Moscow-like model for Smart City...

Russian conglomerate Sistema JSFC, which operates under MTS brand in India, is planning to roll out a pilot project for the Centre's 7,000-crore Smart City initiative and, as part of the Digital India programme, explore a sustainable business model for...>>
03 July 2015

‘Make in India’ quite well known in Russia

Yaroslav Tarasyuk, Russian Trade Representative in India, is optimistic about the future of Russia-India relations in the light of the ‘Make in India’ programme. Russian businesses can and should count on receiving state support for investment projects...>>
01 July 2015

Russia, India Cooperate on Space Exploration, Glonass Satellite...

Russia and India share cooperation in the space sector, including manned space exploration and Russia's global navigation satellite system known as GLONASS, a senior Russian space corporation official told Sputnik.MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Kravchenko, who also...>>
24 June 2015

Need to revisit strategy to boost Indian exports to Russia

S C Ralhan, President of the Federation of Indian Exporting Organisations, advocates the need to revisit India's export strategies, to gain a larger share of Russia's imports and improve the volume of bilateral trade.India Russia bilateral trade has...>>
23 June 2015

India to be partner country at Russian industrial fair...

India on Monday accepted Russia’s invitation and confirmed that it will be a partner country at the ‘INNOPROM 2016′ industrial fair.The fair will be held at Yekaterinburg in July 2016.Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce and Industry...>>
21 June 2015

Russia Involves India In Observing 70th Anniversary Of WW II

The Embassy of the Russian Federation held a series of events in New Delhi to mark Russia’s victory in The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). which was a major factor for the Allied victory in World War II.The first event on 24 April 2015 was the...>>
19 June 2015

Russian ballet

18 June 2015

Russia Day celebrations in India: a view from inside

As celebrations for the Day of Russia in India wound down, this reporter went behind the scenes to witness the bustling preparations for the main reception, and got a look at what went into the sumptuous menu, along with the Russian Ambassador, who...>>
18 June 2015

Pakistan Army Chief Visits Russia to Forge New Ties

Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif visited Russia this week amidst a regional re-definition of old relationships. Russia, which fought against Pakistan-supported “mujahideen" during the earlier Afghan war in the 1980s, has been warming up to the...>>
18 June 2015

Russian amendments to test Indian Pharma

Russia-India pharmaceutical cooperation traditionally receives a lot of attention at the highest levels. However, in crisis conditions, companies have had to develop their own survival strategies in which competitiveness and innovation take first place....>>
18 June 2015

India to start trade talks with Russia with renewed vigor

India to discuss India-EEU FTA apart from greater market access for Indian drugs, metals, fertilizers and IT products and servicesNew Delhi: Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Russia, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to prepare...>>
18 June 2015

India and Russia to Press on With Fifth-Generation Fighter...

Despite numerous delays, the joint Indo-Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) project will not get cancelled.This week, the head of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) announced that a full R&D collaboration contract would be signed...>>
17 June 2015

India-Russia trade target of $30 billion is achievable, says...

The President of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), SumitMazumder, said the body is convinced that India and Russia can achieve 30 billion dollars in the bilateral trade by 2025 as targeted.The CII will be organizing a CEOs delegation representing...>>
12 June 2015

First Internet Festival "India congratulates Russia"...

On June 12, 1990 the First Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. It is a landmark date in the history of Russia and a national holiday...>>
08 June 2015

70th Anniversary of Victory Day Marked

The Great Victory Day to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), organised by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India together  with the Embassies of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan,...>>
08 June 2015

Russian Institutes Come Calling This Weekend

CHENNAI: Cheap and best — that’s how C Suresh Babu, director of Study Abroad, calls education in Russia. Speaking to City Express on the sidelines of a press meet on Thursday to announce the Russian education fair, Suresh stressed that Russia was one of...>>
04 June 2015

Russian movie ‘Battalion’ is best picture at the Mumbai film...

‘Battalion’, a film by Dmitriy Meskhiev, won the award for best film at the Mumbai film festival, and three other awards, for best lead female (Mariya Aronova), best script and best editing.Dmitriy Meskhiev’s picture ‘Battalion’ won four prizes at the...>>
21 May 2015

India keen to build frigates jointly with Russia

The Indian government has expressed interest in jointly building frigates with Russia, with the proviso that they be built in India. The Indian Prime Minister has laid emphasis on increasingly producing defence equipment in India, under the government’s...>>
21 May 2015

An agreement to award funds to international research teams

Russian Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of India have signed an agreement to organize a joint competition to award funds to international research teams.On the occasion of the official visit of India’s...>>
07 May 2015

Russian envoy takes a dig at the West for Middle East,...

The conflict in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine are the result of “dirty attempts by some forces” to rewrite the history of the world and the contribution of countries such as Russia and India during World War II, the Russian envoy said on Thursday. “Compassion...>>
07 May 2015

Russia Values Indian President’s Decision to Attend Victory Day...

Russia welcomes and highly values the decision of Indian President Pranab Kumar Mukherjee to attend the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow on May 9, Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin said Thursday.On Saturday, the Russian military parade will...>>
05 May 2015

All that jazz

Delhi's audiences were recently witness to a splendid and spectacular performance by the Oscar Jazz band from Moscow at 'Zorba' on M.G. Road. The stirring performance of the Russian music group, which appeared in a variety of genres and diverse styles...>>
13 April 2015

Crimea seeks India's help to reshape its business, investment...

It is one year since Crimea has joined Russian federation. Whether this journey to the unification has been successful or not, how Western economic sanctions are affecting it, what it expects from Russia's all-weather friend India, were questions posed...>>
10 April 2015

Cascades of Dance

An evening of Russian Ballet in New Delhi. It has been over one hundred years since Sergei Diaghilev (1872-1929), a renowned Russian impresario and founder of Ballet Russes introduced Russian Ballet to the European public as a part of the large...>>
01 April 2015

Russia to upgrade Indian Ka-28 helicopters

Russia to modernise ten Indian Ka-28 anti-submarine warfare helicopters, Brahmand.com reported.The Defence Acquisition Council on Saturday approved modernisation of the helicopters in Russia. Six helicopters to get new sensor, while the focus with the...>>
30 March 2015

Crimea open to Bollywood, Indian investments, assures all...

By Ramesh Bhan Simferopol, Crimea, Mar 30 (UNI) Crimea, the erstwhile region of Ukraine which joined the Russian Federation on March 16, 2014, is keen to have Indian investments in diverse areas, specially Information Technology, and is ready to provide...>>
27 March 2015

JJ Valaya displays India-Russia love at AIFW

With celebrities like Amaan, Ayaan Ali Khan, Samar Singh Jodha on the ramp, ace designer JJ Valaya unveiled his Indo-Russia inspired autumn-winter line at the Amazon India Fashion Week. Titled "Bolshoi Bazaar", the collection was an amalgamation of...>>
25 March 2015

India Wants To Lease 2nd Russian Nuclear Submarine

India has requested Russia to transfer the second nuclear submarine for lease, a high-placed source in the system of Russia's military and technical cooperation with foreign countries said on Tuesday.The project 971 Kashalot-class submarine may become...>>
19 February 2015

«Russia is India's only nuclear power partner»

Power tariff from Kudankulam will be lower than any future foreign N plant in India: Russian ambassador Alexander M Kadakin first landed in New Delhi in 1971 to serve at the Embassy of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The young diplomat immediately...>>
12 February 2015

India-US deal long on promises but short on clarity: Russia

In an exclusive interview to “The Hindu”, Russia’s Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin rejects the idea that Russia felt the competition from the U.S. following the nuclear agreement.Calling the India-U.S. nuclear agreement a “breakthrough” is...>>
03 February 2015

Indian business waking up to Crimea opportunity

In an interview with RIR, Gul Kripalani, chairman of Mumbai-based Pijikay Group speaks about opportunities for Indian seafood and meat in the Russian market and India’s potential interest in investing in Crimea.It is not new for Gul Kripalani, chairman...>>
03 February 2015

Integration of air-based cruise missile with Su-30MKI fighter...

Russian technology consultants resolved one of the most complex tasks the accommodation of the 9-meter-long missile by altering the configuration of the fuselage.Integration of the air-based version of the BrahMos-A supersonic cruise missile with a...>>
29 January 2015


FROM RUSSIA WITH MUSIC Igor Butman Jazz Orchestra in New Delhi Igor Butman, living legend of Russian jazz, hailed by former US president Bill Clinton as his "favourite living jazz saxophonist", performed this October - November, at the National Centre...>>
28 January 2015

Celebrating Russian Literature over a Year

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Seminars, photo exhibitions and film screenings will mark the year-long ‘2015: Year of literature in Russia’ which was inaugurated at the Russian Cultural Centre here on Sunday. Twelve seminars will be organised from January to...>>
26 January 2015

With Obama looking on, Russian legacy to dominate at Republic...

New Delhi: When Barack Obama, the first US president to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade Jan 26, witnesses India display its defence prowess and its diverse culture, what would come through for discerning military observers is the legacy of...>>
21 January 2015

MI 26 copter delivers heavy machines to Kedarnath

Tribune News ServiceMussoorie, January 20The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat, commended the efforts of IAF for its contribution towards assisting restoration work in Kedarnath at a function held in Gauchar today.The MI 26 helicopter unloaded...>>
20 January 2015


New Delhi: Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin played a perfect host to Capital's swish set for the 6th edition of the traditional fancy masquerade ball party, marking an end to the Orthodox Christmas week and the Old New Year, which coincided with the...>>
13 January 2015

Like days of yore

The 2014 India-Russia summit in New Delhi yields a raft of substantive agreements between the two countries.RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin was in New Delhi in the second week of December to participate in the India-Russia summit. The summit, held...>>
05 January 2015

TNAU signs agreement with Russia

In order to establish bio-refinery for chemicals and fuel production from biomass and to meet dwindling reserves of crude oil supplies, a Cooperation Agreement was signed recently between Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Siberian Branch of the Russian...>>
05 January 2015

Indian exporters want to trade in rupees with Russia - FIEO's...

Ajay Sahai, Director General and CEO of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) talks to RIR about the possibility of trade with Russia in rupees and steps to increase trade volume between two countries. You have suggested earlier to start...>>
03 January 2015

Exports to Russia may start after regulatory approvals: Amul

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), makers of Amul brand dairy products, today said exports to Russia may start two to three months after the necessary regulatory approvals are in place.Revenues during the current financial year may...>>
03 January 2015

Uninterrupted Kudankulam power generation begins

      Tirunelveli: Having started commercial generation, the first unit of the Kudankulam nuclear power project (KKNPP) will not be stopped except for refuelling purposes, said site director, Mr R.S. Sundar. Speaking to mediapersons at Anuvijay...>>
03 January 2015

Kudankulam power to cost 4.29/unit

CHENNAI: Kudankulam nuclear power plant went commercial on Wednesday with Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd (NPCIL) announcing a price of 4.29 per unit. In effect, power from the plant would be cheaper than power purchased from private thermal plants as well...>>
03 January 2015

India’s Largest Nuclear Reactor In Kudankulam Starts Generating...

India’s largest nuclear reactor located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu started creating electricity on a commercial basis early Wednesday, regional media reported.The 1,000-megawatt reactor, which was constructed with help from Russia, is...>>
26 December 2014

Former Indian PM, Late Independence Movement Figure Receive...

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Indian Prime Minister has received the most prestigious civilian Indian award, the Bharat Ratna."The President has been pleased to award Bharat Ratna to Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya (posthumously) and Atal Bihari Vajpayee,"...>>
24 December 2014

Crimea negotiates construction of pharmaceutical plant with...

The Crimean administration insists that they should produce medicines themselves, rather than import them from elsewhere, Head of the Crimean administration Sergey Aksyonov told a news conferenceSIMFEROPOL, December 23. /TASS/. The Crimean administration...>>
24 December 2014

Government mulls rupee payment deal with Russia

The Government of India (GOI) is considering a new rupee-rouble payment mechanism with sanctions-hit Russia, similar to what it has established with Iran."We are trying to give some cushion to exporters in terms of going for a trading in the national...>>
24 December 2014

Russian regions to be locomotives in promoting Russian-Indian...

Russian regions could become locomotives in promoting trade and economic cooperation between Russia and India, says Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin.He also emphasized the importance of launching the International Transport Corridor (ITC)...>>
11 December 2014

Putin visit to take ties to newer heights: PM Modi tweets as...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin as he arrived in India to hold summit talks, saying the talks would take Indo-Russian relation to the next level. "Delighted to welcome President Putin to India. Looking...>>
10 December 2014

Forthcoming summit will lay a milestone in various spheres -...

Russian Ambassador to India writes about the upcoming visit of president Vladimir Putin against the background of a burdened international pressure on Russia. Alexander Kadakin: "The upcoming visit will be saturated with unprecedentedly fruitful talks,...>>
09 December 2014

'Russia May Set Up 20-24 N-energy Units In India'

Russia may set up a total of 20-24 nuclear energy units in India against previously agreed 14-16 plants as both countries are likely to come out with a roadmap for cooperation in the crucial energy sector during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit...>>
09 December 2014

Russia bhai bhai, says Russian envoy

New Delhi: Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin said Russia's relations with Pakistan have "separate value" but they will not be at the expense of ties with New Delhi. Calling India as a time tested ally and "closest friend", Kadakin’s comments come...>>
08 December 2014

Will never do anything detrimental to India’s security: Russian...

Russia is India’s trusted partner and will never do anything detrimental to India’s security, said Alexander M. Kadakin, Russian Ambassador to India. He said this in response to questions by journalists here on Monday on the recently signed framework...>>
06 December 2014

रशियन विदुषीला पडली 'मोडी'ची...

सततअभ्यासामध्येगुंतूनराहणंआणिनवीनकाहीशिकणंयासाठीप्रवासकरणाऱ्यारशियनविदुषीला 'मोडी' चीभुरळपडलीआहे. इरीनाग्लुश्कोवायामोडीचीगोडीअनुभवण्यासाठीथेटपुण्यामध्येदाखलझाल्याआहेत. पेशवाईच्याकाळातराजव्यवहाराचीअसलेलीमोडीलिपीमोडीतनिघूनये,...>>
05 December 2014

ONGC to acquire stake in two Siberian oilfields

The MoU is part of Putin's energy engagement as he seeks to expand trade links with Asian nations to counter sanctions from the US and its allies. NEW DELHI: Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), India's biggest explorer, will next week sign a deal to...>>
05 December 2014

Alrosa may enter into contract with Indian traders

Alrosa may enter into contract with Indian traders at Diamond Conference to be attended by PM Modi, Vladimir Putin. If the deal goes through, it will pave the way for the Indian diamond industry to get stones directly from Russia, cutting out the...>>
05 December 2014

"Russia has no better friend than India"

It is planned to sign 15 Russian-Indian documents during the forthcoming state visit to India by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin in New Delhi during a meeting with a group of...>>
03 December 2014

भारत जैसा गहरा दोस्त रूस के पास दूसरा...

रूस के राष्ट्रपति व्लदीमिर पूतिन की भारत की सरकारी यात्रा के दौरान 15 रूसी-भारतीय दस्तावेज़ों पर हस्ताक्षर करने की योजना है। इन दस्तावेज़ों के बीच सैन्य-तकनीकी सहयोग को व्यापक बनाने के बारे में समझौता और परमाणु ऊर्जा क्षेत्र में सहयोग के बारे में समझौता भी...>>
01 December 2014

Russian film 'Leviathan' wins Golden Peacock at IFFI 2014

Russian director Andrey Zvyaginstev's survival drama 'Leviathan' won the coveted Golden Peacock award while Marathi movie 'Ek Haazarachi Note' bagged the centenary trophy for best film at the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), which...>>
06 November 2014

India seeks greater market access, investments from Russia

Nirmala Sitharaman said India is aiming to increase contribution of manufacturing sector in GDP from 15% to 25% "for which we need investments". NEW DELHI: India today sought greater market access to the Russian market for its products, while...>>
31 October 2014

Why India needs to rethink the Rafale deal

Russian Ambassador in New Delhi Alexander Kadakin claims Chinese Sukhoi Flankers will swat the Rafale like mosquitoes, but what’s more worrying is India is willing to spend $30 billion on a stop-gap aircraft. Fighter planes fall into two...>>
18 October 2014

Russia's strategic partnership with India has become special and...

With Russian President Vladimir Putin scheduled to visit India in December for an annual summit-level meeting with the Indian leadership, including talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that country's envoy to India has once again reiterated the...>>
15 October 2014

Kurta, jacket, sari: Indian clothes are elegant and...

The interview of the Ambassador of Russia, Alexander M. Kadakin, to the RIBR. New Delhi, Oct 15, 2014. >>
09 October 2014

अलेक्सांदर कदाकिनः "भारत मेरे दिल की धड़कन है"...

"रेडियो रूस" की संवाददाता नतालिया बेन्यूख़ को दिए अपने एक विशेष साक्षात्कार में भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सांदर कदाकिन ने कहा कि  "भारत मेरा भाग्य है, भारत मेरे दिल की धड़कन है।" अभी हाल ही में रूस के राष्ट्रपति द्वारा अलेक्सांदर कदाकिन को "मैत्री...>>
02 October 2014

भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन को मैत्री...

भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन को मैत्री पदक रूस के राष्ट्रपति व्लदीमिर पूतिन ने भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन को मैत्री पदक देकर सम्मानित किया है। 30 सितम्बर को इस सिलसिले में क्रेमलिन की वेबसाइट पर राष्ट्रपति पूतिन के आदेश...>>
09 August 2014

Rosatom gets positive seismic conclusions for NPP in India.

Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom has received positive conclusions on seismic parameters of building nuclear power plants in India, the company’s Deputy Director-General Gennady Sakharov on Thursday. “The obstacle has been cleared. Before...>>
21 July 2014

Russia moots mega energy pipeline project with India

Biggest-ever energy project in history: Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin. It would take five years and cost $40 billion. Close on the heels of the recently concluded $400-billion mega gas pipeline deal between Russia and China, Moscow wants to...>>
21 July 2014

Exclusive: Russian Ambassador says intercepts were...

Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin “Fakes cannot serve as an arsenal of arguments in diplomacy.” “A transparent and objective investigation must take place into shooting down of MH17” Russia is hitting back against allegations that it was...>>
24 June 2014

Interview with Dr. Joshi

India doesn’t have such a large number of diverse projects with any other country than with Russia, Dr. Joshi. He is a member of the Indian parliament and a leading member of the BJP. He initiated and many Indo-Russian projects and supervised them...>>
12 June 2014

Russia’s Lavrov calls Sushma

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday evening to thank her for India’s help with the rescue and medical treatment of Russian tourists on a tempo that fell into the Bhagirathi in...>>
19 May 2014

Narendra Modi, on Twitter, Thanks World Leaders, No Mention of...

Narendra Modi, to be India's next prime minister, has taken to Twitter to thank fellow leaders in Japan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Australia for their good wishes. But one man still waiting for a reply is US Secretary of State John Kerry.While...>>
28 February 2014

Russia fulfils FGFA obligations with India - Alexander...

The Russian Ambassador to India said there were no official complaints from New Delhi about Moscow not fulfilling obligations under the Indo-Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft. Other senior Russian defence officials echo the ambassador’s...>>
28 February 2014

रूस और भारत के बीच सम्बन्ध अपने चरम शिखर पर...

इस प्रकार के उच्च स्तरीय सम्बन्ध रूस के किसी और देश के साथ नहीं हैं| यह शब्द भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन ने पास आते राजनयिक दिवस के उपलक्ष्य पर रेडियो रूस को दिए अपने एक साक्षात्कार में कहे| उन्होंने आगे कहा कि हमारे दोनों देशों के बीच...>>
14 February 2014

Russian tourists welcome to Goa - Calangute MLA

Michael Lobo, Goa’s member of legislative assembly for Calangute tells RIR that local sentiments are only against those foreigners engaged in illegal business activities in the state.   - Do Russians have any reason to feel unwelcome in Goa? - We...>>
19 January 2014

Patent analysis shows how PAK-FA differs from F-22 in air combat...

The designers at Sukhoi have opted for a blend of stealth and super maneuverability, rather than going for a totally invisible aircraft. The PAK-FA patent document published by Russia’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property shows the fifth...>>
19 January 2014

Why I will whole-heartedly support Russia at the Sochi...

Russia has great traditions in winter sports and it may just be a natural choice for Indians to support Russian athletes in the up-coming Olympics. Russia is very enthusiastic about the Sochi Olympics. It was a cold late-winter night in...>>
19 January 2014

5 common stereotypes that Indians have about Russians

In the second part of this series, Ajay Kamalakaran looks at the stereotypes that Indians harbour when it comes to Russians. Russians don’t nearly travel as much as they should to places in India other than Goa and the Golden Triangle. Unfortunately...>>
19 January 2014

Top Sevmash specialists assigned to INS Vikramaditya

Sevmash CEO Mikhail Budnichenko spoke to RIR about the refurbishment of the INS Vikramaditya and the assigning of the shipyard’s specialists to the Indian aircraft carrier under the post-warranty services contract.   Why were almost 200 Russian...>>
19 December 2013

India-Russia Ties Time-tested: Tharoor

The friendship between India and Russia is a model for the whole world, Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor has said. Tharoor presented this year’s Esenin Prize to Bengali writer and former union education secretary...>>
14 December 2013

Russia Ready to Continue Overhaul of Indian Subs

Russia’s Zvyozdochka shipyard said Friday that it could receive by mid-2015 at least two Indian Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines for an overhaul that would extend their service life for another 10 years. “We are expecting the Indian side to deliver...>>
11 December 2013

Russia as a destination for Indian expats

With an abundance of professional opportunities, beautiful nature and an open society, Russia can be an exciting place to spend a few years. The beautiful and pristine nature is one of the best reasons to live in Russia. Now that Russia’s image is...>>
26 November 2013

Architect of Indo-Russian friendship

Commemorative Centenary function on Indian Diplomat Shri. Triloki Nath Kaul; lecture by Indian Minister for External Affairs, Sh. Salman Khurshid. Courtesy of ITMN/ Vickram Bahl 22 November, Russian Radio >>
16 November 2013

'INS Vikramaditya will significantly enhance reach, capability...

The 2.3 billion dollar aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya was inducted into the Indian Navy on Saturday. Defense Minister AK Antony said that INS Vikramaditya would significantly enhance the reach and capability of the Indian Navy. "India's economic...>>
16 November 2013

Grateful for the professionalism and support of the Russian Navy...

INS Vikramaditya’s commanding officer, Commodore Suraj Berry, talks to RIR about the handover of the aircraft carrier to India, the training of Indian naval personnel and his experiences in Severodvinsk. First of all, we would like to congratulate...>>
14 November 2013

'INS Vikramaditya will be a game-changer'

The "mother" will now get a "grandmother" for company. And while the former may be getting slightly toothless with age, the granny will pack a formidable punch capable of knocking down adversaries wanting to challenge her. Known in naval circles as...>>
13 November 2013

INS Vikramaditya to be commissioned on November 16

India's second aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya will be commissioned by defence minister, AK Antony, in Russia on November 16. The 44,570-tonne warship which is a refurbished version of the Russian vessel Admiral Gorshkov, will join the Indian Navy...>>
13 November 2013

RIC foreign ministers discuss new security architecture in...

Salman Khurshid, Sergey Lavrov and Wang Yi met in New Delhi under the Russia-India-China format and agreed to expand multilateral cooperation while expressing common positions on most global issues. RIC foreign ministers discuss new security...>>
12 November 2013

Yekaterinburg theatre to stage Philip Glass’ Satyagraha

The opera based on Mahatma Gandhi’s life in South Africa and the Satyagraha movement will be staged in the Sanskrit language. The Yekaterinburg State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The Yekaterinburg State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet...>>
12 November 2013

St. Petersburg, India to cooperate in keeping Roerichs’ heritage...

Russia’s St. Petersburg and India will be cooperating to preserve the cultural legacy of the Russian artists and philosophers Roerichs, St. Petersburg’s governor Georgy Poltavchenko and Indian Minister of Culture Chandresh Kumari Katoch agreed...>>
06 November 2013

Russia seeks educational tie-ups in Trichy

Nikolay A Listopadov, consul general of the Russian Federation in Southern India, along with his vice consul Michael J Gorbatov, held a brainstorming session at the St Joseph's College on Tuesday. They explored the possibilities of bilateral tie-ups...>>
06 November 2013

روس اور ہندوستان ریوریخ خاندان کے ورثے کو محفوظ رکھنے میں تعاون...

روس اور ہندوستان کا منصوبہ ہے کہ ریوریخ خاندان کے ورثے کو محفوظ رکھنے کی خاطر دوطرفہ تعاون بڑھائیں۔ ہندوستان میں روس کے سفیر الیکساندر کداکین نے ریڈیو صدائے روس کو دئے گئے انٹرویو میں کہا کہ یہ بات اصولی اہمیت کی حامل ہے کہ دونوں فریقوں کے اعلیٰ رہنماؤں...>>
06 November 2013

रेरिख़ की विरासत को सुरक्षित रखने के लिए उच्च स्तर पर सहयोग ज़रूरी...

रेडियो रूस को अन्तर्वार्ता देते हुए भारत मे रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन ने कहा कि रेरिख़ की विरासत को सुरक्षित रखने के क्षेत्र में रूस और भारत अपना पारस्परिक सहयोग काफ़ी हद तक बढ़ाने के लिए कटिबद्ध हैं। यह बेहद ज़रूरी है और दोनों देश इस दिशा में...>>
06 November 2013

Ambassador Alexander Kadakin : Russia and India intend to raise...

Russia and India are determined to significantly raise the level of bilateral cooperation in order to preserve the heritage of the Roerichs . This was stated in an exclusive interview with "Voice of Russia" by the Russian Ambassador in India A. M....>>
06 November 2013

Russia keen on working with Kerala to promote Ayurveda

Russia has expressed its keenness to take Ayurveda to new realms and to work with Kerala to see how best they can integrate the age-old system of medicine with theirs. The Hindu Russia has shown a keen interest to see how best they can integrate the...>>
04 November 2013

India’s share in FGFA likely to grow

Indian engineers and designers should be able to get a 50 percent share in the work, according to leading military expert Igor Korotchenko. The FGFA project began following a Russian-Indian agreement on cooperation in the development and production...>>
31 October 2013

'KKNP commissioning process tests safety'

The commissioning process at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP) in Tamil Nadu may take up to one year or more as the main accent is on testing safety with gradual increase in capacity levels, a Russian energy expert says. "The main accent...>>
22 October 2013

Chopped Deodar tree puts spotlight on Roerich memorial

The recent felling of a tree in the estate housing the museum of Russian painter Nicholas Roerich has put the spotlight on the Russian-Indian International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT), specially at a time when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting...>>
16 October 2013

हिमालय की गोद में रूसी-भारतीय सांस्कृतिक महोत्सव...

भारत के उत्तरी राज्य, हिमाचल प्रदेश की कुल्लू घाटी में 9 से 15 अक्टूबर तक निकोलाय रेरिख़ की 139-वीं जयंती और हिमालय वैज्ञानिक अनुसंधान संस्थान “उरुस्वती” की स्थापना की 85-वीं वर्षगांठ को समर्पित एक रूसी-भारतीय सांस्कृतिक महोत्सव का आयोजन किया...>>
14 October 2013

गिरा दिया, मिटा दिया रेरिख़ के देवदार को! (भाग...

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय रेरिख़ स्मारक केंद्र के कर्मचारी पश्चिमी हिमालय में कुल्लू घाटी में स्थित विश्व प्रसिद्ध बस्ती नग्गर में तीन सौ साल पुराने देवदार वृक्ष को काट-गिराने की घटना की पूरी जाँच कराने की मांग कर रहे हैं। हिमाचल प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री वीरभद्र...>>
14 October 2013

Employees at the Roerich estate demand investigation into...

The employees of the Roerich International Memorial Trust have demanded an investigation into the felling of a 300-year deodar that grew in the reserve estate in Naggar on the Kullu Valley in the Western Himalayas. In their petition to Chief...>>
12 October 2013

India’s joining SCO to enhance its security potential - Russian...

India’s joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will enhance this organization’s potential in the area of regional security, Sergei Luzyanin, deputy director of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Far Eastern Studies, said on...>>
12 October 2013

Easier visa rules to boost influx of Russian tourists to India -...

The Russian Union of Travel Industry says easier visa rules for Russian citizens going on holiday to India will give a fresh impetus to boosting the influx of tourists to the South Asian country. This week it became known that Russian tourists...>>
12 October 2013

Window to Russia: 'Trip to Russia was a delightful...

Eight young artists and journalists from different states of India have just visited Russia. They participated in jpint VoR's project "Window to Russia". Film maker Aviral Raj Sharma and artist Adarsh Kumar Sinha described their experiences in a...>>
12 October 2013

गिरा दिया, मिटा दिया रेरिख़ के देवदार...

भारत की एक बस्ती नग्गर से बहुत ही चौंकाने वाली और साथ ही दिल को दहला देनेवाली एक ख़बर आई है। हिमालय की गोद में बसी यह बस्ती इस बात के लिए पूरी दुनिया में मशहूर है कि वहाँ रेरिख़ परिवार की एक स्मारक-हवेली मौजूद है। वहाँ एक बहुत ही पुराने वृक्ष- देवदार को...>>
22 August 2013

India, Russia Discuss Submarine-Building – Source

An Indian military delegation has arrived in St. Petersburg to discuss military-technical collaboration in submarine-building, a Russian defense industry source told RIA on Thursday, days after a Russian-made sub in India’s navy exploded. “It is a...>>
21 August 2013

Russian antivirus providers gearing to cure Indian IT

Russian companies are becoming significant players in India and despite tenacious competition and the world’s lowest prices, the population of India alone promises a great future for players in the industry. In Russia Kaspersky secures 52.7...>>
21 August 2013

MiG jet fighters to be stationed aboard Vikramadiya, Vikrant...

The Indian Navy’s ship-based multirole MiG-29K/KUB jet fighters made in Russia will be stationed aboard the Vikramadiya and Vikrant aircraft carriers. Defence Minister A.K. Antony told the Indian parliament on Tuesday, August 20, that the aircraft,...>>
21 August 2013

BDL gets Rs 3,000 cr contract for anti-tank Invar missiles

In a major boost to Army’s firepower, defence PSU Bharat Dynamics Limited has been given a Rs 3,000 crore contract by the defence ministry to produce Russian-origin Invar anti-tank guided missiles for the T-90 tanks of the force. “Bharat Dynamic...>>
21 August 2013

'Russia and India have always had a special relationship' -...

'Russia and India have always had a special relationship' - ex-Commodore of the Indian Navy, Defence Analyst © Photo: Voice of Russia India has ordered a review of its submarines' weapons safety systems, after initial investigations showed arms on...>>
19 August 2013

India-Russia defence relations in aftermath of Sindhurakshak

The leaders of both the countries have taken a wise course in looking into the submarine accident in a cool headed, calibrated manner. Both the countries cannot simply make the defence partnership hostage to one mishap as that of INS Sindhurakshak....>>
19 August 2013

Why INS Sindhurakshak episode won’t hurt Indo-Russian ties

One point need to be emphasised upfront with regard to the sinking of INS Sindhurakshak after explosions and fire on 14 August while the 16-year-old submarine, bought from Russia, was docked at Mumbai naval dockyard: the incident will not affect...>>
16 August 2013

RF sees no technical reasons so far causing blast at...

The Russian side sees not technical reasons as of yet that could cause the explosion at a Russian-made Sindhurakshak submarine in service with the Indian Navy, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told reporters on Friday. He stressed, however, that...>>
16 August 2013

No request made so far for help in investigation

India has not asked the Severodvinsk-based Zvyozdochka ship repair centre so far to help in the investigation into the submarine disaster in the port of Mumbai, the plant's press secretary Nadezhda Shcherbinina told Itar-Tass on Friday. She did not...>>
16 August 2013

আধুনিক প্রযুক্তি হস্তান্তর ও যৌথ উত্পাদনেই ভবিষ্যত...

রাশিয়া-ভারতের যোগাযোগের ভবিষ্যত উন্নতি সম্ভব শুধু আধুনিক প্রযুক্তি ও যৌথ উত্পাদনের মধ্যে দিয়েই – কোন শয়তানি সমেত টেন্ডারে নয়, - এই বিষয়ে বিশ্বাস করেন ভারতে রাশিয়ার রাষ্ট্রদূত আলেকজান্ডার কাদাকিন. ভারতের স্বাধীনতা দিবসের প্রাক্কালে তিনি “রেডিও...>>
16 August 2013

Wily Tenders

The Ambassador of Russia to India, Aleksandr Mikhailovich Kadakin, is confident that the future of Russian-Indian relations lies in modern technologies and in joint production, not wily tenders. On the eve of India’s Independence Day, he answered the...>>
16 August 2013

Russian Experts to Help India in Submarine Sinking Probe

A team of Russian naval engineering specialists will take part in an investigation to find out why a Russian-built Indian navy submarine blew up and sank in harbor on Wednesday, killing 18 crew members, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said...>>
15 August 2013

रूसी-भारतीय सम्बन्धों का भविष्य आधुनिक तक्नोलौजियों में है, न कि...

भारत में रूस के राजदूत अलेक्सान्दर कदाकिन को विश्वास है कि रूसी-भारतीय सम्बन्धों का भविष्य आधुनिक तक्नोलौजियों और सँयुक्त रूप से मिलकर किए जा रहे उनके उत्पादन में है, न कि चालाकी भरे टैण्डरों में। भारत के स्वतन्त्रता दिवस की पूर्ववेला में अलेक्सान्दर...>>
15 August 2013

Future is in transferring modern technologies and joint...

The future of Russian-Indian ties is in modern technologies and joint production, and not in evil tenders, Russian Ambassador in India Alexander Kadakin is convinced. On the eve of India’s Independence Day, he answered the questions of Voice of Russia...>>
14 August 2013

Russian shipyard says ready to help India look into submarine...

Russia's Zvyozdochka shipyard said it is ready to provide complete assistance to India in ascertaining the cause of the accident which resulted in the sinking of the Sindhurakshak, a diesel electric submarine of the Indian Navy, a spokeswoman...>>
05 August 2013

'Vikramaditya' may lack air defence

India is all set to get INS Vikramaditya, formerly Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, delivered from Russia later this year, but the 45,000-tonne Kiev class warship will come without a key air defence weapon for which it may have to wait for at least...>>
02 August 2013

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant: How Safe is Safe Enough?

With India’s first 1,000 MWe light water reactors at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu attaining safe criticality on July 13, 2013, the stage is set for electricity generation. While it may take another 30 to 40 days for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant...>>
02 August 2013

India poses many challenges for Russian banks

Analysts believe that Russian banks targeting the emerging Indo-Russian bilateral trade corridor should establish a proper branch network in India to secure their positions in complex and competitive Indian banking sector. At present only two...>>
02 August 2013

India to explore Russian realty sector

Russia’s WTO accession last August opened up commercial real estate opportunities, says Indian envoy India and Russia are poised to diversify their cooperation in real estate, as the realtors’ apex body CREDAI is holding its national convention here...>>
02 August 2013

First Su-30MKI jet fighter to be handed over to Indian Air Force...

The Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMost Aerospace hopes to transfer the first Su-30MKI jet fighter to the Indian Air Force in September 2015, JV President Sivathanu Pillai said. Two Su-30MKI fighter planes are now being modernised by Hindustan...>>
01 August 2013

NLMK plans to increase steel supplies to India

The Lipetsk-based company estimates the total market for transformer steel in India to be more than 200,000 tonnes per year. NLMK currently supplies the Indian market with 40,000 tonnes of transformer steel per year. Source: ITAR-TASS Novolipetsk...>>
01 August 2013

14th Indo-Russian summit to be held in October

The 14th annual Indo-Russian summit between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held in Moscow in October this year, a key Indian official said on the condition of anonymity. Several big ticket bilateral...>>
01 August 2013

Indian Aircraft Carrier Passes Engine Tests in Russian Sea...

A Russian-built aircraft carrier due to be delivered to the Indian Navy following a much-delayed refit has successfully passed engine tests during the first stage of final sea trials in the White Sea, shipbuilder Sevmash said. Aircraft carrier...>>
23 July 2013

ROSATOM congratulates Kudankulam unit

ROSATOM, The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, congratulated the team at Kudankulam nuclear plant, reaching the critical stage. "Both Russia and India were waiting for a long time for this event – launching of the new power unit of Kudankulam...>>
22 July 2013

Thiruvananthapuram likely to forge Twin city agreement with...

The capital may forge a Twin-City agreement with Stavrapol, the capital city of Stavrapol Krai, an administrative division in south-west Russia. The Russian Cultural Centre in the city will submit a proposal to Mayor K. Chandrika and her counterpart...>>
10 July 2013

INS Vikramaditya sets sail for final sea trials

A Russian-built aircraft carrier refitted for the Indian navy has set sail for final sea trials prior to handover, a senior Russian defense industry official said Wednesday - five years after it was originally due to be delivered, and more than twice...>>
10 July 2013

India, Russia NSAs see eye to eye on cyber security

Shivshankar Menon and Nikolai Patrushev discussed how the two countries could cooperate and collaborate more closely to ensure better security in cyber space. India and Russia can cooperate and collaborate more closely to ensure better cyber...>>
29 June 2013

Russia hands over Trikand frigate to Indian Navy

The Rosoboronexport arms trading company has handed over the INS Trikand frigate to the Indian Navy, Vyacheslav Davydenko, an official spokesman for Rosoboronexport, told Itar-Tass on Saturday. “Trikand was built by the Yantar shipbuilding plant at...>>
29 June 2013

Yota to entice Indian users with design and smart technology

Moscow-based YotaDevices, which promotes innovative 4G LTE dongles and routers, considers India, where it partners with Olive Telecom, as one of the first destinations for its global expansion. YotaPhone, Russia's first smartphone from a Russian...>>
29 June 2013

T-50 fighter to be ready in 2013

Russian military to take delivery of 70 units of the stealth fighter this year; Indian version to be ready in 2018. According to the Russian military, T-50 turned out to be on a par with and even better in certain areas than its main American rival,...>>
29 June 2013

Russia needs to reach out to “new generations of Indians” -...

In an exclusive and candid interview, senior diplomat and Russia’s former ambassador to India Vyacheslav Trubnikov shares his optimistic outlook on bilateral relations. Trubnikov: "Russia needs to communicate with new generations of Indians, seeking...>>
15 June 2013

Russia to Send 250 Troops for Indra-2013 Drills in India

Russia will send over 250 servicemen from the Eastern Military District to take part in the annual Indra-2013 joint anti-terrorism exercise with India, the district’s press service said. This year, the joint drills will be held in October at the Mahajan...>>
06 June 2013

Vikramaditya gets engine room repairs, heads for sea trials in...

Russia’s Baltiysky Zavod shipyard specialists have finished repairing the engine and steam turbine room equipment of the Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, thus making it ready for final sea trials, a source in the United Shipbuilding Corporation...>>
01 June 2013

Qualifying round begins for Russian–Indian music festival in...

The jury will have to select 3 Indian youth bands to perform at next year’s festival on the warm sands of the western Indian state. More than 25 Indian groups have already applied to take part in the qualifying round for Great Live Music 2014, the...>>
01 June 2013

Sistema can meet subscriber needs “for years ahead” -...

Ahead of his move back to Moscow, Vsevolod Rozanov, General Director, MTS India, talks about the expectations of parent company AFK Sistema’s Russian shareholders and Indian subscribers. Vsevolod Rozanov, General Director, MTS India. Source: Press...>>
01 June 2013

Expanded cultural links benefit “both our peoples”- Ira...

In an exclusive interview, the wife of India’s Ambassador to Russia talks about the expanding bilateral cultural calendar and the Indian Women’s Association’s activities. Mrs. Ira Malhotra at the inauguration of IWA Summer Bazaar 2013. Source: Vadim...>>
01 June 2013

Tagore “a bridge between India and Russia”

The Indian Embassy in Moscow’s programme dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore was one of the biggest events on the Indo-Russian cultural agenda in May. Source: Indian Embassy in Moscow The 152nd birth anniversary of India’s great poet, writer and...>>
01 June 2013

Indo-Russian roundtable on healthcare held in Mumbai

Conference discusses possibility of greater cooperation in public health between government entities in both countries. There hasn’t been much cooperation at the government level in public health between India and Russia. Source: ITAR-TASS India’s...>>
30 May 2013

Indian Summer Bazaar in Moscow

On one of these summer days in the month of May, a vivid, colorful and memorable cultural event was held in Moscow- the Indian Summer Bazaar. For the lively summer festival, the Embassy of India in Moscow was lavishly decorated with colorful tents,...>>
30 May 2013

Russia-India Cooperation in need of a Roadmap

In spite of the fact that historically Russia and India have accumulated a very positive experience of bilateral relations, today they are mostly moving by the inertia of the past. At the same time the new tendencies and prospective trends are not...>>
26 May 2013

BrahMos missile test fired from Russian warship

Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos being test fired from INS Tarkash. (Photo: BrahMos Aerospace) Nearly a couple of months after the maiden successful trial of submarine-launched version of BrahMos missile, India on Wednesday conducted a trial of its...>>
26 May 2013

Russia’s partnership with India remains exceptionally important...

Ahead of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the beginning of Russia’s military and technical cooperation with foreign countries, Deputy General Director of Rosoboronexport Viktor Komardin speaks about India’s role in this cooperation and export of...>>
25 May 2013

Defence technology transfer to India would continue: Russian...

Russian ambassador to India, Alexander M Kadakin, today said there was no question of his country discontinuing the transfer of military technology to India, and blamed the speculation on "vested interests". "We don't like when some quarters outside...>>
25 May 2013

No Russian mafia in Goa, says Kadakin

Keeping in mind the issues linked to Russians in Goa-the alleged mafia, land grabs, etc-as well as seeking to boost ties with India, Alexander M Kadakin, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Russian federation to the republic of India,...>>
25 May 2013

Russia opens consulate in Goa

A slew of illegal land deals involving its nationals was one of the reasons why Russia decided to start a consular office in Goa, which hosted 1.5 lakh Russian tourists this season, Ambassador Alexander Kadakin said on Friday. The ambassador also...>>
16 May 2013

ऑयल या गैस इंजीनियर बनने के लिए रूस में पढ़ाई...

नई दिल्ली में फ़िरोजशाह मार्ग पर स्थित रूसी सांस्कृतिक केन्द्र में इन दिनों एक अनूठी प्रदर्शनी चल रही है। इस प्रदर्शनी का नाम है – रूस में शिक्षा-2013 । प्रदर्शनी में रूस के दस विश्व-विद्यालय भाग ले रहे हैं। रूस में पढ़ने के इच्छुक भारतीय...>>
15 May 2013

Russia Puts Finishing Touches on Indian Aircraft Carrier

The aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya has been put in a dry dock at Russia’s Sevmash shipyard for “cosmetic” repairs ahead of final sea trials and delivery to the Indian navy later this year, the company said. The aircraft carrier INS...>>
11 May 2013

Navy tones up muscle with MiG-29K fighters

AdvertisementDefence minister AK Antony on Saturday commissioned the navy’s first squadron of Russia-built MiG-29K maritime fighters, laying the groundwork for the induction of aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya (formerly Gorshkov) in December this...>>
06 May 2013

Indian Navy to mark 60 years of naval aviation by commissioning...

Indian Navy is celebrating the diamond jubilee of its aviation wing May 11 with the commissioning of its first shipboard Mig-29K combat jet squadron in Goa. The aircraft will be deployed on the carrier INS Vikramaditya, currently undergoing sea...>>
06 May 2013

SC gives nod to Kudankulam nuclear plant, says it is safe

Supreme Court gives green signal to Kudankulam nuclear plant. In a relief for the Centre and the Tamil Nadu government, the Supreme Court on Monday approved the commissioning of the controversial Kudankulam nuclear plant. Kudankulam plant is safe...>>
06 May 2013

Russia wants to partner India in developing regional transport...

Russia has evinced keen interest in partnering India in its ambitious initiative to design and develop a regional transport aircraft. United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Russian state-owned civil and military airplane manufacturer, has offered to set...>>
30 April 2013

Engineering - a profession of all times

In the distant Middle Ages Leonardo da Vinci despite being a great painter, sculptor, and scientist, proudly referred to himself as an engineer. In a talk with the correspondent, the sweet and delicate-looking 3rd year student of the Faculty of...>>
30 April 2013

Rogozin calls on Khurshid to meet more often

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin asked the head of Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Salman Khurshid to increase number of the Russian-Indian contacts at high levels. Such an idea was sounded during the meeting of...>>
30 April 2013

INS Sindhurakshak arrives in India

The kilo class submarine, which was retrofitted in the Zvyozdochka shipyard, in Severodvinsk arrived in the Mumbai port on Monday. The INS Sindhurakshak, a diesel-electric submarine of the Indian Navy that underwent interim overhaul and...>>
28 April 2013

Indian artist looks back at his ‘golden years’ in Russia

Thirty-nine year old artist Aakshat Sinha looks back on the seven years he spent in Russia in an exhibition of paintings, poetry, installations and video clips that he calls These Golden Years. It’s Monday evening at the All India Fine Art &...>>
28 April 2013

Salman Khurshid arrives in Russia

India to push for early deals in N-energy, banking with Russia. India is also looking for enhancing textiles exports to Russia and the issue is likely to figure in the talks. India is expected to push for early closure of agreements on nuclear...>>
26 April 2013

Russian K-omponents good, says Consul General

Russia on Thursday defended the quality of equipment supplied for the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP), adding that its Unit-I could go critical by the first week of May if it gets clearance from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board...>>
26 April 2013

INS Vikramaditya poised to meet latest deadline

The INS Vikramaditya has undergone a complex operation at Russia’s Sevmash shipyard ahead of the final stage of trials and delivery to the Indian Navy later this year. With 10 weeks still left until July 3, 2013, when the final sea trials are due to...>>
25 April 2013

Moscow’s Indian community celebrates Ugadi

The Indian Diaspora in the Russian capital marked the Telugu and Kannada New Year with vigour and enthusiasm. Among the guests were people from all parts of India and curious Russians. Source: B. Ravi  Very few Muscovites trace their roots to the...>>
25 April 2013

Filling India’s infrastructure gaps with Russian partners

Sridhar Cherukuri, CEO, Transstroy (India) Ltd speaks to RIR on the history of the company, its joint projects with Russia and conflicts with environmentalists over the construction of a major dam.  The Chagallu Barrage in Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh....>>
25 April 2013

Dmitry Shukov appointed CEO of Sistema’s India ops

New CEO to take over on June 1; incumbent Vsevolod Rozanov will move to a senior position in Moscow. Dmitry Shukov: "The game plan includes further strengthening the brand’s connection with its stakeholders, including customers, retailers,...>>
25 April 2013

Salman Khurshid to co-chair IRIGC inter-session meeting in...

The sides are expected to have a “frank exchange” of views, but in terms of any outcomes, they will not sign any documents or MoUs. Khurshid will raise the issue of the possible signing of the CECA to boost the trade, economic and investments...>>
23 April 2013

Russia ready to negotiate with India on MiG-35 fighters

Russia is keen that India buys its MiG-35 fighter aircraft, a top Russian official said. The Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (RAC MiG) has proposed to India to consider the possibility of concluding a contract on the supply of the MiG-35...>>
23 April 2013

Russia to train Indian fighter pilots

Russia will train Indian fighter pilots for carrier-based operations, a top Russian official said. The Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (RAC MiG) has signed a contract with India's defence ministry on the training of Indian pilots on operating...>>
23 April 2013

India celebrates ‘Golden Jubilee’ of MiG-21’s association with...

To mark the occasion, a book titled “First to the Last: 50 years of MiG-21 with the IAF” was released in Delhi. The MiG’s Golden Jubilee was celebrated in style in India’s capital on Saturday with the guest-list comprising of former pilots, high-ranking...>>
23 April 2013

Ballet on an Italian fairy tale

Based on popular 20th century Italian fairytale, the ballet left the audience awestruck.An international team of child artists from 12 countries presented a colourful ballet ‘Chipollino’, guided by Russian choreographer Galina Lyakhova, recently in the...>>
21 April 2013

'Russia provides latest military tech exclusively to India'

Russia today reminded India that it provides latest cutting-edge technology exclusively to New Delhi unlike its "newly-acquired partners" in defence sector. "Unlike its newly-acquired partners, we provide the latest cutting-edge technology to...>>
21 April 2013

भारतीय वायुसेना वर्ष 2019 तक मिग-21 विमानों से लैस...

भारतीय वायुसेना मिग-21 वर्ग के विमानों का वर्ष 2019 तक उपयोग करती रहेगी। इस बात की घोषणा भारतीय वायुसेना के प्रमुख नार्मन अनिल कुमार ब्राउन ने की है। वह भारतीय वायुसेना को मिग-21 विमानों से लैस करने की 50-वीं वर्षगांठ के अवसर पर नई दिल्ली में आयोजित...>>
21 April 2013

50 years on, MiG-21 continues to showcase combat flying

It was a pleasantly warm morning in 1963, when India's first truly supersonic fighter soared into the sky with a sonic boom to shatter the calm. The MiG-21 is still flying high in the Indian skies, even though its stellar track-record got hugely...>>
20 April 2013

नई दिल्ली में रूसी बैले का सफल...

शुक्रवार को भारत की राजधानी नई दिल्ली के सबसे बड़े कॉन्सर्ट हॉल "सिरी फोर्ट ऑडिटोरियम" में करेन खचातुरियन के रूसी बैले "चिपॉल्लीनो" का सफल प्रदर्शन किया गया। यह बैले नई दिल्ली में स्थित रूसी विज्ञान और संस्कृति केंद्र द्वारा तैयार कराया गया था। इस...>>
18 April 2013

Moscow marks Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary

Academics, Indologists and religious leaders speak of the relevance of the great Indian sage’s teachings in modern day Russia. India’s Ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra dwelt upon the contributions made by Swami Vivekananda. Source: Embassy of...>>
18 April 2013

More Russians see India as the “true path” to...

Some Russian certified yoga teachers have become as flexible and professional as Indian masters and look to become spiritual gurus for their compatriots back home. India attracts people from Russia for various reasons including its cultural...>>
18 April 2013

Indo-Russian cooperation in Crisis Management

India has already set up a National Disaster Management Authority and is planning to create a high-tech crisis management centre, although the process for establishing such a centre is still at its very initial stage. Russia has offered technical...>>
18 April 2013

India begins talks to nudge up trade with Russia

India is looking to a quantum jump in bilateral investments , as it embarks on talks with Russia to promote free trade and seek Russian participation in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, a mega infrastructure project. Anand Sharma invites...>>
18 April 2013

MTS to launch its own 4G network in India.

Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL), a subsidiary of Russia’s Sistema Joint Stock Financial Corporation, which operates under the MTS brand, is planning to start providing 4G mobile telecommunication services using LTE technology, SSTL President...>>
18 April 2013

MIG corporation wants to broaden cooperation with India

The Russian aircraft corporation MIG plans to continue cooperation with India in developing and building MiG aircraft, the company said in a statement received by Interfax-AVN. "The MIG corporation wants to broaden cooperation with India's public,...>>
18 April 2013

Russia will help India build four destroyers

Baltic shipyard will produce four sets of shafts for Indian destroyers latest project 15B, which will be built at the shipyards Mumbai from 2018 to 2024, told “Interfax” a source in the Russian defense industry. “In terms of the contract between the...>>
18 April 2013

Russia watches closely as India ponders over relaxed FDI...

The Russian business community would benefit from a proposed plan to allow 100 percent FDI in telecom and 49 percent in the defence industry. The Indian government eased norms for foreign investment in the retail sector and allowed foreign airlines...>>
18 April 2013

India to Seek Russian Investment on April 29

All aspects of bilateral cooperation, including investment in India, will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Indo-Russian Intergovernmental Commission, or IRIGC, in Moscow on April 29, an Indian diplomat familiar with the subject said...>>
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