Remarks at the fifth all-India conference of listeners’ clubs of THE VOICE OF RUSSIA

08 Декабрь 2010





New Delhi, December 8, 2010


It gives me immense pleasure and it is my proud privilege to be part of the Fifth All-India Conference of Listeners’ Clubs of the Voice of Russia.


The occasion which has brought us together this morning at the Russian Centre is of special importance. Not only it proves the fact that in the age of the Internet and teleconferences, radio remains in broad demand but also embraces and unites our friends in India who constitute this wide multilingual family of the Listeners’ Clubs of the Voice of Russia.


In India, this family has its own glorious history. Under the old name, Moscow Radio, the Voice of Russia started its broadcasting from our country for Indian audience in 1942 – five years before India became independent and Russian-Indian diplomatic relations were formally established. Since then it has become an integral part of our relations and in a sense – a witness of the entire canvas of our expanding ties.


After the break-up of the Soviet Union our countries saw certain decline in bilateral cooperation almost in every sphere and, among others, a reduced scale of broadcasting. However, we can proudly recall that for several decades the Moscow Radio was regularly transmitting programmes in more than ten Indian languages. For many people from remote and rural areas it was a major source of information and knowledge about the Soviet Union, the life of our people, our traditions, arts and culture. It also served as an eye opener for many thousands of Indians who wanted to know more not only about our bonds of friendship and cooperation but also about events in the rest of the world.


An important achievement of this radio station is that its efforts combined with admirable thirst of all Indians for knowledge gave birth to numerous societies and clubs of the Moscow Radio. This was certainly a natural phenomenon, demonstrating how the band waves of friendship and amity between India and Russia were beaming to each and every house, helping them to understand each other better.


Considering the rapid development of Russian-Indian strategic partnership, the role of the Voice of Russia broadcasting company has significance of its own. It is a matter of pride to note that the Voice of Russia now extends its activities far across India and runs new programmes targeting younger generation. The successful four Conferences and the excellent feedback are a testimony to the efficient work of the Voice of Russia. The Voice of Russia focuses on various subjects – from music and the Russian language or literature to space exploration and economy, catering to the needs of various Indian audiences.


It is notable that from 2010 the Voice of Russia has started broadcasting in FM spectrum in India in partnership with Fever 104FM. One or two-hour programmes about Russia in Hindi, interlaced with Russian and Indian songs, are broadcast in New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. In the South, the Voice of Russia is already present in Bangalore on 104 FM. The radio network also broadcasts to South Asia in Hindi and Urdu on short and medium waves from Moscow studios, and in Bengali in the Internet.


Its programmes are available today via satellite, the Internet and even on cell phones through advanced Digital Restrictions Management technology.


Continuation of multi-language broadcasting in India with potential audience of several dozens of millions listeners, as well as a number of interesting programs with focus on young listeners and contests, including radio quizzes, will allow the Voice of Russia to maintain the best traditions of broadcasting in India and, hopefully, enlarge its audience in this country.


Your Conference assumes special relevance at a time when we are on the eve of the official visit to India of Mr Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation. I am convinced that the upcoming Russian-Indian summit will reaffirm our joint determination to further strengthen our interaction and open up new vistas for innovative strategic partnership. India is the only country in the world which will have been visited in one year both by Russia's President and Prime Minister.


I wish the Voice of Russia radio station wider coverage in India and to all its listeners – good health, new success and only good news.


The Voice of Russia is the voice of friendship and affection our country has for its long-standing ally and best friend – the great India.


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