Kudankulam gets Uranium for next 5 years

Monday, 08 August 2011 11:15
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       The Kudankulam Nuclear Plant has received uranium fuel bundles from Russia for the next five years as the plant needs 25-30 tonnes of fuel per year when it is fully operational.

According to sources in the plant, the fuel, enriched Uranium-235 in the form of pellets, are stored at a high security area near the centre.

The Russia supplied the fuel as part of the life-time agreement with India for the next 40-years.

"Pellets are assembled in long tubes to make a fuel rod. Many such fuel rods are assembled together to make one Fuel Assembly.

The Fuel Assembly used at Kudankulam reactor has 311 such fuel rods, each 3.5 metre long. Each fuel rod contains about 350 fuel pellets and one Fuel Assembly contains about 1,08,800 fuel pellets,'' the sources said.

Thiruvananthapuram/Kudankulam, Aug 7, UNI