Press release on summoning the chargé d'affaires of Ukraine in the Russian Federation to the Foreign Ministry

Monday, 19 February 2018 11:57
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Written by Vladimir I Poluektov
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Ruslan Nimchinsky, Ukrainian Charge d'Affaires ad interim in Moscow, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on February 19 and was handed a note of protest against the continuing mayhem caused by Ukrainian Russophobic nationalists, who, on February 17 and 18, 2018 and at the behest of the Kiev authorities, staged provocative attacks on the Russian Centre for Science and Culture and the Rossotrudnichestvo office, as well as the Kiev-based offices of Russian banks.

Notably, with the police remaining conspicuously uninvolved and acting as on-lookers throughout the act, the rampaging thugs proceeded to break windows, write offensive messages on the walls, denigrate Russia’s state symbols, and cause other material damage.

All of that was accompanied by foul language and vociferous insults against Russia and its leaders. The presence of women and children rehearsing a theatrical play at the centre failed to stop the vandals. These events were witnessed by observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine who, acting in accordance with their mandate, put this on record for a subsequent report to be sent  to the OSCE.

This is another example of aggressive neo-Nazi nationalism picking up momentum in Ukraine. It obviously enjoys the protection and support of that country’s official government. It is unlikely a coincidence that this pogrom took place immediately following an offensive speech by Ukraine’s President Poroshenko at the International Conference on Security in Munich, which abounded with anti-Russian attacks and contained a direct call for "combating the Russian flag" worldwide.

Ukraine's deliberate vote, alongside two other states, against the UN General Assembly resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other discriminatory practices only goes to show who the current Kiev regime is siding with.

The Russian Embassy in Kiev sent notes of protest to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, and promptly distributed a statement for the press. Our diplomatic missions at the OSCE and in the United States have provided an assessment of what happened, highlighting the extremely dangerous trends unfolding in Ukraine today, which threaten international stability and security.

The fact that aggressive nationalism in Ukraine is not met with an adequate response on behalf of Kiev’s foreign patrons cannot but cause concern. Moreover, in some cases such sentiment is even encouraged. It’s a shame that Europe and the United States have clearly not learned the tragic lessons of the past century.

Ukraine was asked to put an end to the excesses of radical nationalists, and to create a proper environment for the normal and safe functioning of Russian institutions in Ukraine in accordance with Kiev's obligations under universally recognised international conventions and Russian-Ukrainian intergovernmental agreements.

Russia has demanded that all those responsible for the acts of vandalism be identified and brought to justice.