Comment by the Information and Press Department on another round of anti-Russian initiatives by the Ukrainian authorities

Monday, 09 October 2017 13:44

We were appalled to learn that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved amendments to the law On Performing Artists’ Tours in Ukraine on October 5. If it enters into force, this law will significantly limit the Russian performers’ ability to tour that country. The permit to visit Ukraine will then be issued following a check by the Security Service of Ukraine of whether or not a particular performer from Russia represents a “threat to the national security of Ukraine.” In a fit of their anti-Russian paranoia, Ukrainian lawmakers have apparently come to the conclusion that Russian cultural figures may be “the secret weapon of Moscow,” and are now afraid that their concerts and theatrical performances will undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In its anti-Russian frenzy, the Ukrainian Security Service has reached the point where it recently initiated criminal liability for Ukrainian officials visiting Russia. They propose adding a corresponding article to the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

As the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov, whom Mr Poroshenko does not hesitate to quote, once said, “All of that would be funny, if it were not so sad…”

It is sad to know that a once friendly nation has adopted a “good” tradition, ignoring the interests of its own people – to wage a frenzied war against everything that is Russian, including the language, printed products, television, radio, press, as well as websites. Now, performing artists are added to this list. What's next? Will they go as far as making the very word “Russia” illegal?

It is sad that a country which not so long ago pompously adopted a law condemning totalitarian regimes, is itself gradually turning into a police state. By initiating all these bans and restrictions, the Ukrainian Security Service is actually contributing to the introduction of an Iron Curtain in that country. The painstaking cultivation of the enemy image in the person of Russia in an attempt to cover up the inability to resolve Ukraine’s pressing issues is indicative of unwillingness of the Ukrainian leaders to perform their direct duties, which are to work for the good of the Ukrainian people.

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