Comments by the Information and Press Department on the UN General Assembly vote on the draft resolution proposed by the Republic of Moldova

Saturday, 23 June 2018 13:08

On June 22, the UN General Assembly adopted a provocative draft resolution on Complete and Unconditional Withdrawal of Foreign Military Forces from the Territory of the Republic of Moldova,proposed by Moldova. We are pleased to note that the responsible majority of the UN member states preferred not to support this odious and dangerous initiative by certain political circles in Moldova and either voted against it or abstained.

Not much time has passed since the tragic events of 1992, so it is all the more surprising that currently many political figures, in Chisinau and elsewhere, seem to have forgotten the indisputable fact that it was only because of the timely intervention of Russian troops that the bloodshed in Transnistria was stopped and conditions were created for launching a peaceful settlement process. To this day, the Russian military contingent remains the guarantor of peace and stability in Transnistria.

The adoption of the resolution could undermine the fragile progress that has been achieved in the Transnistrian settlement process in recent months.

It is noteworthy that the leadership of the Republic of Moldova is itself divided in its attitude towards this resolution, as follows from the Special Statement of the President of Moldova of June 19, 2018.

In this regard, we consider this initiative as blatant propaganda by certain political forces in Chisinau, which are trying to score political points by inciting anti-Russian sentiment ahead of the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

We expect our international partners to act responsibly with regard to any steps associated with “frozen” conflicts, including the Transnistrian conflict. We call for the avoidance of destructive actions that only make a peaceful settlement a more distant prospect. We support the constructive efforts of all those who are really interested in a just and viable political solution to the Transnistrian issue.

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