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Delhi Road Named After Russian Ambas Kadakin

13 June 2017Delhi Road Named After Russian Ambas Kadakin>>

Photo competition IndisRussiaTravel

09 April 2017Photo competition IndisRussiaTravel>>


17 January 201713 января в Белом Зале Посольства России в Индии состоялся ежегодный костюмированный бал-маскарад, посвященный традиционному празднованию Православного Рождества и Старого Нового...>>

70th anniversary of India-Russia diplomatic ties celebrated with gala concert

05 December 2016A curtain raising event of the festival of Russian culture dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and India was held in Russian Centre for Science and Culture, New Delhi. A gala concert of Russian...>>

India: Putin arrives in Goa for 8th BRICS summit

16 October 2016 Russian President Vladimir Putin touched down in Goa, Saturday, to take part in the 8th BRICS summit in the southern Indian City.>>

Russia Backs Surgical Strikes, Asks Pakistan to Stop Terror Activities

03 October 2016 New Delhi: Backing India’s surgical strikes against terror camps in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) the Russian ambassador to India, Alexander M Kadakin, said that Russian Federation was the only country to say in plain words that terrorists came from...>>

День Индии

01 February 2016 Праздник в средней школе при Посольстве России в Нью-Дели в честь Дня Республики Индии>>


14 January 2016   Рождественский бал-маскарад в Посольстве России в Индии>>

Special Report - India-Russia relations: From Volga to Ganga

11 August 2015   Rajya Sabha TV team travelled to Russia in July, 2015 when the nation hosted the BRICS and SCO summits in Ufa, Russia. We bring to you how Russia is doing in various sectors and the lives of the people in Russia.>>

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the RBK TV channel

22 June 2015   Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the RBK TV channel on the sidelines of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, St Petersburg, June 19, 2015>>

Day of Russia

17 June 2015>>

An exclusive interview of Crimean PM

13 April 2015Crimea which seceded from Ukraine last year,is celebrating its first anniversary of independence.On this occasion our foreign affair correspondent Vijender Singh took an exclusive interview of Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov. What the Crimean...>>

Sputniknews.com presents the full "Crimea - Way Back Home" documentary with English subtitles. Watch the historic events unfold, as locals share their chilling stories of those troubled times

01 April 2015The documentary revealed top-secret facts and details of of previosly unknown events that had taken place right before the Crimean referendum. The movie also shows many interviews with Crimean residents who personally took part in the so-called "Crimean...>>

Russian President Putin revealed details of Crimean reunification with Russia and Maidan events in the documentary "Crimea. Way Back Home"

19 March 2015VLADIVOSTOK (Sputnik) — Andrei Kondrashov's movie, titled "Crimea. Way Back Home" highlights the much-discussed reunification of the Crimean republic with Russia after 60 years under Ukrainian rule. Moscow refused to send troops to Ukraine despite the...>>

Russian Ambassador to India speaks on the Ukrainian crisis - Doordarshan TV

20 April 2014Russian Ambassador to India A.M.Kadakin speaks on the Ukrainian crisis in the Wide Angle program of Sayeed Naqvi on Doordarshan TV >>

Video Coverage of the Russian President’s visit. New Delhi, Dec 24, 2012

26 December 2012 1.       Official Channel Of The Prime Minister's Office: PM's statement with Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia 2.       MEA India: 13th India-Russia Annual Summit: Signing of Agreements and Media Statements 3.       Times Now: Vladimir Putin...>>

Berkuty Mi-28N helicopter display team rehearses new show

04 August 2012The Berkuty (Golden Eagles) helicopter display team, flying Mi-28N helicopters, performed complex aerobatics in the vicinity of the town of Klin. Watch this RIA Novosti video to see how their rehearsals went. >>

Margarita the elephant receives a birthday cake made of 30 melons

04 August 2012For her birthday this year the elephant Margarita, an artist of the Moscow circus, received a cake made of 30 melons, grapes, bananas and peppers. Watch this RIA Novosti video to see how the birthday girl enjoyed her present. >>

Russian Skydivers Set New World Record

23 July 2012Eighty-eight Russian female skydivers set a world record by forming a huge white-blue-and-red “flower” in the skies over Kolomna on July 21. Four video cameras recorded their performance in mid-air. >>

Unique Military Equipment Displayed Near Moscow

07 July 2012A T-90MS “Stealth” tank and an SBRM patrol and reconnaissance vehicle were displayed during the Second International Forum/Exhibition "Engineering Technologies – 2012" in Zhukovsky outside Moscow. >>

Over 100 People Simultaneously Jump From Bridge in Tver

07 July 2012More than a hundred people simultaneously jumped from a railway bridge in Tver during a rope jumping festival. Watch this RIA Novosti video showing the jump. >>

Frost Resistant Rose Designed For Moscow Makes Debut

07 July 2012The unveiling of a new type of rose that has been specially bred for Gorky Park by the French rose breeder Philippe Mangi was accompanied to tunes played by a symphony orchestra from the Netherlands. >>

Russian Tank Crews Train to Hit Targets on the Move

13 March 2012Crews of the 27th Detached Motorized Rifle Brigade’s T-90 tanks have completed the final round of target practice. The best crew received a chocolate truffle cake as a reward. >>

Buranovskiye Babushki Return Home Singing a Medley of Songs on the Platform

13 March 2012The Buranovskiye Babushki returned to their native village as finalists in Russia’s Eurovision Song selection. They performed their winning song right on the platform. >>

Russian Pilots Test-Fly New MiG Fighters

13 March 2012Kursk air group personnel have finished training for the Ladoga 2012 tactical exercise, which will involve fighters. The air group’s pilots test-flew the new Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29SMT fighter. >>

Goose Fights: A Feathery Battle for Life

09 March 2012Each year traditional goose fights attract numerous spectators in Rylsk, Kursk Region. Watch the birds pitting their strength against each other amid the cheering of their mates. >>

Valentina Tereshkova’s Space Trip. Archive

09 March 2012Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, turns 75 on March 6. Watch RIA Novosti archive video dedicated to the Soviet hero. >>

Female Russian Cosmonaut Training for ISS Space Fight

09 March 2012Russian cosmonaut Yelena Serova is preparing to travel to the International Space Station in 2014. This RIA Novosti video provides a glimpse of Ms. Serova’s simulation training. >>

Fire, press and laser: How gold jewelry is made

15 February 2012Jewelry is one of the most coveted of gifts. Watch this RIA Novosti video to see how five kilogram gold bars are turned into elegant gold chains, pendants and rings. >>

Dog takes kittens from cat and starts nursing them

15 February 2012A dog called Lyusya is nursing kittens. This unusual event took place in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk Region). The dog took over caring for the newborns right after they were born, even though the kittens already had a mother, a cat named...>>

National ski racer goes bare-chested

15 February 2012Despite the severe cold, the 2012 Russian Ski Track, the 30th national cross country ski race, involved about 1.5 million participants. See this RIA Novosti video Siberia to Moscow race. >>

Impressive Soviet field gun is 70 years old

15 February 2012The legendary World War II ZIS-3 field gun was 70 years old on February 12. This unique gun still serves with the 449th Detached Fireworks Display Battalion stationed outside Moscow. >>

Russian Winter Swimmers Prepare for Bering Strait

15 February 2012Russian winter swimmers are preparing for an intercontinental relay across the Bering Strait to be held this summer. Watch video footage of the ice bath. >>

Rudolph Abel’s liberation. Interview with KGB Gen. Yuri Drozdov

15 February 2012Soviet sleeper agent Rudolph Abel, sentenced by a U.S. court to 30 years in prison, was exchanged for American spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers on February 10, 1962. >>

Hungry Moose Approach People From Moscow Forest Park

11 February 2012Several moose have been spotted in northeast Moscow by passers-by, drivers and students from the technology college. The inhabitants of the Moose Island Park were peacefully "grazing" in a clearing near trees and shrubs.Although the animals did not...>>

Igor Moiseyev’s Ensemble Turns 75.Archive video

11 February 2012On February 10, 1937, 75 years ago, the Igor Moiseyev folk dance ensemble had their first rehearsal. See the archive video of the rehearsal. >>

Can Dogs Serve in the Army? A Video Tour of the Krasnaya Zvezda Kennel

11 February 2012The Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) dog breeding kennel has been preparing military dogs for over 80 years. Watch this RIA Novosti video to see how our four-legged friends are trained to stand guard and search for explosives. >>

The Russian Super Stealth Aircraft SU-50 test - The 5th Generation

08 February 2012The Russian Super Stealth Aircraft SU-50 test - The 5th Generation  >>

Russian Strategic Bomber Conducts High-Accuracy Simulated Attack

05 February 2012The Russian Air Force has adopted the new upgraded Tu-22M3M bomber featuring a new high-accuracy weapons system. This RIA Novosti video shows a training flight. >>

Ornithologists work in icy waters to rescue a swan

05 February 2012Ornithologists, fisherman and environmentalists are looking after a swan, which became separated from its flock in fall and is spending winter in the Ulyanovsk Region. People are doing all they can to make sure the bird survives until...>>

Police ‘Fashion Show’ for Dmitry Medvedev

03 February 2012Russian president Dmitry Medvedev visited the Interior Ministry’s Moscow directorate to review the new uniforms that Russian police officers will be wearing soon. The president inspected the everyday work uniform and the full dress uniform for police...>>

New Russian Thermal Imaging Sight Can See a Target up to 2 km Away

03 February 2012The Russian-made Shakhin thermal imaging sight will allow Russian special forces to carry out military operations in the dark and in fog, and see the enemy through smoke. Tests for the optical device are being conducted by the airborne...>>

Volgograd bell-ringers taught to cleanse space using the sound of bells

03 February 2012A school for bell-ringers has opened for the first time at the Kazan Cathedral in the Volgograd Region. Watch this video from RIA Novosti about how to cleanse space with melody. >>

Maria Sharapova to announce wedding date with Sasha Vujacic

03 February 2012Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova and her fiancé, basketball player Sasha Vujacic, could announce a wedding date next week, Vujacic revealed in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti. >>

Cirque Du Soleil Rehearsal Performance at the Kremlin

03 February 2012Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Zarkana, will be presented in Moscow. See RIA Novosti footage of the rehearsal at the Kremlin Palace. >>

New Russian Armored Vehicle Can Withstand Eight-Kilogram TNT Blast

03 February 2012Russia is currently testing a new Project Typhoon Ural-63095 armored truck. Developers say the vehicle is more dependable than BTR armored personnel carriers, and that it can withstand anti-tank mine blasts. >>

Test-driving a new Russian armored vehicle

03 February 2012Russia is currently testing a new Project Typhoon Ural-63095 armored truck. Developers say the vehicle is more dependable than BTR armored personnel carriers, and that it can withstand anti-tank mine blasts. >>

Astronauts train to survive in subzero temperatures

03 February 2012The crew of Expedition 35/36 to the International Space Station are in training for how to react to an emergency landing. They will have to spend several days in a winter forest before being found by rescue teams. >>

Keels of Two Russian warships Laid in St. Petersburg

03 February 2012The keels of the frigate Admiral Golovko and of the corvette Gremyashchy were laid on February 1. This RIA Novosti video footage shows the ceremony of christening the new ships. >>

Russian military medics inflate field hospital in 30 minutes

21 December 2011Russia’s military medical personnel are testing a new mobile inflatable field hospital which can be deployed and equipped in 30 minutes. >>

Vladimir Putin’s juiciest Q&A marathon quotes

21 December 2011“People should understand who they are electing,” “Come to me, Bandar-log,” and other striking pronouncements by Vladimir Putin during the Q&A session on December 15. >>

Leonid Brezhnev’s 70th birthday celebrated in 1976: archive footage

21 December 2011After Nikita Khrushchev resigned in 1964, Brezhnev was elected First Secretary (later General Secretary) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and later Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.For...>>

Rare video footage of Soviet and Russian ballistic missile launches

21 December 2011This rare RIA Novosti video footage shows Soviet and Russian ballistic missile launches. >>

Dolphin with carnation in its mouth dances with its partner

10 December 2011A dolphinarium opened at the Expo-center in Moscow on December 8. A couple of Black Sea bottle-nose dolphins called Ramzes and Bella, a beluga whale called Kasper and a walrus called Lyubasha demonstrated a dance master class. They performed tango,...>>

Battle of Moscow reenacted

06 December 2011Military history clubs travelled 25 kilometers and reenacted cavalry operations dating back to the fall of 1941 during the Battle of Moscow >>

Medvedev launches new radar station in Kaliningrad

06 December 2011Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arrived at a military base in the Kaliningrad Region where a new radar station, called Voronezh-DM, is located. As commander-in-chief, he ordered the station to be put into operation. >>

Doctors reveal first baby placed in special baby box

06 December 2011On November 29, a special baby box for unwanted newborns received its first baby. Watch the video to see the doctors from the Sochi maternity center taking in the infant. >>

Twenty-three-year-old Muscovite wins Miss Russia 2011 beauty pageant

06 December 2011Natalya Pereverzeva, a 23-year-old post-graduate student from Moscow’s Financial Academy under the Russian Government, has been crowned Miss Russia 2011. Fifty regional winners took part in the final gala concert. The contestants are not only judged on...>>

Missiles that can penetrate any defense - Yars systems on alert

06 December 2011Yars mobile systems carrying RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missiles were recently put on combat duty with the Teikovo Missile Division in central Russia. >>

An end to friendly fire and other new military gadgets

06 December 2011A display near Moscow shows futuristic military equipment likely to be adopted within the next three years. See how the soldier of the future will be able to distinguish friend from foe in this RIA Novosti video. >>

Rocket launcher flame-thrower destroys all living things within 800

06 December 2011A new flame-thrower, the Shmel-M, has entered service with the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops (RSBD). Supplied with a thermobaric charge, the weapon can destroy enemy targets within a radius of 800 meters. >>

World’s largest Quran weighs 800 kg

22 November 2011The world’s biggest Quran is currently on public display in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. The unique edition made of malachite and semi-precious stones was delivered from Italy. >>

Putin visits a school with its own 3D movie theater and planetarium

04 September 2011To celebrate Knowledge Day, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited School No. 29 in Podolsk, where he reviewed the introduction of new education standards. In addition to computers and interactive whiteboards, this school has its own 3D movie theater and...>>

Soyuz and Proton will fly against all odds

04 September 2011Proton and Soyuz rocket launches will continue despite failed attempts in February and August 2011, the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) said. >>

Gift to Steve Jobs from Omsk

04 September 2011A south-paw from the city of Omsk, Stanislav Konenko, has made a unique present for the former CEO of Apple Corporation Steve Jobs who had resigned due to health problems. The micro-miniaturist has drawn the company’s logo shaped like a bitten apple on...>>

Military bands on Red Square. Spasskaya Bashnya festival footage

04 September 2011Fifteen hundred musicians from 14 countries participated in the dress rehearsal of the International military music festival Spasskaya Bashnya (Spasskaya Tower) on Moscow’s Red Square on August 30. Valery Khalilov, music director of the festival and head...>>

Russia builds its first remote controlled firefighting train

04 September 2011On August 29, Russian Railways presented its new firefighting train. It is specifically designed to extinguish tunnel fires. The rolling stock includes a flatcar with a mobile LUF-60 firefighting support machine, which can be controlled remotely at up to...>>

Putin arrives at biker event to strains of Night Wolves anthem

04 September 2011A biker show hosted by the Night Wolves motorcycle club was held on the waterfront in Novorossiysk on August 29. A stage was set up especially for the occasion on the Mikhail Kutuzov, the USSR's largest cruiser, which was moored at the waterfront. Prime...>>

A guided tour of Plesetsk, Russia’s only space center

04 September 2011The Plesetsk space center is Russia’s only launch facility. The Russian Defense Ministry, which says most spacecraft will be launched from Plesetsk in the foreseeable future, also uses the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan today. >>

Officers tested: tanks on obstacle course

26 August 2011Army officers competed in tanks and armored personnel carriers for the unofficial title “best combat skills.” The camouflaged fun took place at the Mulino training grounds in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. >>

Drifting experts and their squealing tires in Moscow

26 August 2011Those who showed up at a driving event in Moscow on August 24, saw 360 degree, tire burning driving stunts and other automotive anarchy. Highly modified cars were used in the competition/demonstration event. On the first day, the drivers invited some...>>

Museum of Forgotten Tastes in Kolomna

26 August 2011The forgotten flavor of apple pastila, a delicacy once found on the Russian emperor’s table, was recreated in Kolomna in 2008. The Museum of Forgotten Tastes transports its guests back to the 19th century, where they can have some tea and pastila and...>>

Mulino training range hosts tank contest

26 August 2011The third and the final stage of a combat skills contest among commanders of motorized infantry battalions, tank battalions and companies of the land forces kicked off at the Mulino training range of the Western Military District in the Nizhny Novgorod...>>

Two-month-old puma cubs leave home, join Moscow circus

26 August 2011Four puma cubs have been brought from the Samara Zoo to a Moscow circus. The future artists – Marik, Plyusha, Nick and Ron – are only two months old so they mostly get to play and get used to their new environment. >>

Russian MiG-35 and MiG-29 fighters perform aerobatics at MAKS-2011 air show

26 August 2011Russia's MiG-35 and MiG-29 fighter jets performed complex aerobatic maneuvers during a demonstration flight at the MAKS-2011 air show. Watch a video filmed with cameras installed in cockpits of the planes.  The cameras captured the imitation of in-flight...>>

WWII fighters show their paces at MAKS-2011

26 August 2011MAKS-2011 has provided a glimpse of World War II-era aircraft. Visitors were able to see seven vintage planes, including an I-16, a DIT, a Sh-2, a Po-2 and a MiG-3, all of which flew in the skies above Zhukovsky. >>

Kim Jong-il arrives in Russia in an armored train and with his personal Mercedes

26 August 2011The Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Kim Jong-il, arrived in the Amur Region on August 21 on an official visit to Russia. Distrustful of aircraft, the Supreme Leader travels by rail. He arrived at Bureya station...>>

"Выстрелил и забыл". Инженеры показали новый ракетный комплекс "Корнет-ЭМ"

26 August 2011The Kornet-EM – a multipurpose long-range missile system developed in Tula – was unveiled at the MAKS-2011 air show. The new system increases firing accuracy five times. It can hit targets at distances between 150 and 10,000 meters with the help of...>>

A heart in the sky and other aerobatic tricks at MAKS-2011

26 August 2011The program of the MAKS-2011 International Aviation and Space Show included demonstration flights of Russian and foreign aerobatic teams, such as Strizhi, Russkiye Vityazi (Russian Knights), Baltic Bees and others. >>

Cosmonauts train to survive extreme water landing

26 August 2011Cosmonauts leave their damaged spacecraft and managed to survive under extreme conditions before a rescue team arrives. Watch RIA Novosti video on crew water landing training. >>

Ka-226T ambulance and giant Mi-26T2 at MAKS-2011

26 August 2011Two helicopters premiered at the MAKS-2011 air show. A giant computerized helicopter, the Mi-26T2, and a flying ambulance, the Ka-226T, were presented. >>

Vladimir Putin watches T-50 fifth generation jet at MAKS-2011

26 August 2011Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has visited the Tenth International Aviation and Space Show MAKS-2011. He checked out the fifth-generation PAK FA T-50 fighter jet and watched stunt flights by the Strizhi and Vityazi (Knights) aerobatic...>>

Medvedev releases hundreds of sturgeon

26 August 2011President Dmitry Medvev, on an official visit to the Astrakhan Region, saw how sturgeon aquaculture sites are being protected in the Volga River. During a river cruise, the president’s motorboat pulled along side a Caspian Fisheries Research Institute...>>

A day with Miss Russia 2011 Natalya Gantimurova

26 August 2011Natalya Gantimurova, crowned Miss Russia this year, trains with the best choreographers, fitness instructors and runway model instructors to prepare for the Miss Universe pageant on September 12 in Brazil. She works out for four hours a day; her trainers...>>

Medvedev and Putin catch fish and dive on Volga River

26 August 2011President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took some R&R on the Volga River, Astrakhan Region, on August 16. They drove motorboats, fished and took several underwater photos.Both Medvedev and Putin are licensed to drive motorboats,...>>

Russia’s first F1 racer tests LADA Granta Sport

29 July 2011Lotus Renault GP team member and Russia’s first Formula One driver Vitaly Petrov tested the racing version of the LADA Granta Sport during the celebration of AvtoVaz’s 45th anniversary in Togliatti on Tuesday, July 26. He circled the company’s test track...>>

Robots help to detect and “defuse” radiation sources

27 July 2011A rapid-response unit from Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection forces (Unit 200) conducted drills at training grounds outside Noginsk, Moscow Region, on July 26. MRK-61 robots, used to detect lethally contaminated areas, helped the...>>

Reluctant elk hitch a ride from Yekaterinburg

27 July 2011Residents of an apartment building in downtown Yekaterinburg spotted three elk feasting on juicy green grass.Game wardens had to sedate the elk using tranquilizer guns. The animals had no desire to go to sleep and received three shots each. After that,...>>

Muscovites bring flowers to Norwegian Embassy

26 July 2011Dozens of people came to the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow on Saturday to remember those killed in a July 22 double terrorist attack in Oslo and at a youth camp on Utoya Island. >>

Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre to reopen after renovation

26 July 2011Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre will open its doors this autumn after a five-year renovation, Managing Director Anatoly Iksanov announced on Friday.Speaking at a news conference in the theatre’s newly refurbished foyer, Iksanov said that a curtain-raising gala...>>

President Medvedev photographs one of the most beautiful churches in Russia

26 July 2011During a visit to the Vladimir Region, President Dmitry Medvedev took several photographs of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin on the Nerl River, which is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Russia. >>

Newborn zebroid standing tall

26 July 2011Shakira the zebra gave birth to a unique zebroid, while her Moscow-based Safari Circus was performing in Volgograd. The colt was delivered at 5:30 a.m. Moscow time on July 21. It was standing tall and even tried to run about 24 hours...>>

Russians, Americans take to the water to keep cool

26 July 2011Scorching heat will remain in Moscow over the next days, with temperatures of 32-34 degrees Celsius, an expert from Russia’s weather predicting center Fobos said. However, on Sunday the high temperatures will ease. People in the United States had less...>>

Fish-shaped coffin at Museum of World Funeral Culture

26 July 2011World famous coffin maker Eric Adjetey from Ghana arrives in Novosibirsk on an invitation from the owners of Russia’s first private crematorium and the Museum of World Funeral Culture. Adjetey makes ‘joyful’ coffins of various shapes and colors. He has...>>

Combat engineer equipment can overcome any obstacle

26 July 2011Combat engineer units defuse mines, build bridges and create heavy-duty military equipment crossings during an exercise in Russia’s Volgograd Region. >>

Divers in 1950s-style suits search for a tube in muddy water during an exercise

26 July 2011Diving instructors and commanders of engineer reconnaissance troops of all branches of the armed forces demonstrated their qualification by using a range of different types of diving equipment in a training center in the city of Volzhsky. Officers worked...>>

Madame MiG’s 101 sky records and an unrealized dream

26 July 2011Legendary pilot Marina Popovich, who broke 101 world records, celebrates her 80th birthday on July 20. Marina Popovich was born in the Smolensk Region in 1931. During the Great Patriotic War, when Marina was a child, she vowed to become a...>>

Woman free-dives with beluga whales in icy waters

26 July 2011Two-time world free-diving champion Natalia Avseyenko, who can hold her breath for a record eight minutes, spent 12 minutes in icy waters without a wet suit, or any suit. She swam with two beluga whales named Nilma and Matryona on the set of the...>>

Trick horse riding at championship

26 July 2011On Sunday, July 17, riders from across Russia arrived in Lytkarino, near Moscow, for a Horse Riding Stunts Championship. Teams from St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and other cities performed their trick riding skills during the...>>

Alligator helicopters to operate from Mistral-class warships

26 July 2011The Ka-52 Alligator was initially developed as a ground-based attack helicopter for coordinating and supporting ground, rather than naval, operations. The helicopter can destroy armored and conventional equipment, enemy personnel and air...>>

Formula One cars burn rubber near Kremlin walls

26 July 2011On July 17, the Russian capital hosted a Formula One demonstration race during the Moscow City Racing auto show. The 3.7 kilometer course was set up in central Moscow, stretching along the Kremlin Embankment and near the Kremlin walls. >>

Reporting from a hot air balloon 200 meters above ground

26 July 2011A RIA Novosti reporter travelled 200 meters above ground to get a story on the 10th Golden Ring ballooning festival in Pereslavl-Zalessky on July 14.  All twenty crews on eleven balloons reached that altitude. >>

Traceurs and freestyle motocross riders demonstrate stunts at festival

12 July 2011The Free Move Games international parkour festival was held on July 10 in Moscow. Athletes from Russia, France and Great Britain took part in the extreme exhibition. >>

High heeled runners have fun

12 July 2011The fifth annual high heel race was held on July 9 on Moscow’s Tsvetnoi Bulvar. More than a hundred girls ran 50 meters, most without falling, while wearing heels a minimum of nine centimeters high to compete for a 100,000 ruble shopping...>>

Sunk riverboat survivors meet families

11 July 2011About 80 survivors from the sunken riverboat Bulgaria were taken to Kazan on July 10. Relatives, friends and ambulance crews met them at the port. >>

“Dancing” combat vehicles and “flying” tanks demonstrate their prowess

11 July 2011About twenty tanks and armored vehicles produced in Russia have taken part in a demonstration of equipment at the 242nd Airborne Troops Training Center near Omsk. The event was part of the 9th International Exhibition of High Tech Equipment and Weapons...>>

Pilots perform unique aerobatic stunts near Moscow

11 July 2011About 30 pilots performed aerobatic stunts under compulsory, free and free unknown programs during the Russian Aerobatic Championship outside Moscow. >>

Putin tours town that’s looking for early Universe

07 July 2011 In the science town of Dubna near Moscow, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin studied the Nuclotron-Based Ion Collider Facility, or NICA, that is under construction, and learned how the device will help research the early Universe and stellar...>>

Khrushchev’s limousine and an overweight Oka displayed in Moscow

07 July 2011Moscow’s Tushino airfield hosts the 15th Moscow International Motor Show 2011 with over 8,000 vehicles and exhibits, including vintage cars and custom-made vehicles. >>

Pallada sailing ship crew shows Medvedev how to tie nautical knots

07 July 2011The crew of the Pallada frigate, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest sailing ship in the world, showed President Dmitry Medvedev how to tie a nautical knot and take the helm.On Friday, July 1, the Pallada will set forth from...>>

The cats which work for the Hermitage Museum

07 July 2011The largest building of the State Hermitage Museum, which was built to the design of architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1754-1762, was ordered by Empress Elizabeth of Russia as an official imperial residence. But the daughter of Peter the Great left not...>>

New Russian corvette Soobrazitelny unveiled

07 July 2011The corvette Soobrazitelny was shown to the public for the first time at the Fifth International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2011) in St. Petersburg. More than 70 industrial and research companies contributed to the development and construction of the...>>

Competition features stylish clothes for disabled

07 July 2011The top fashion designers for people with disabilities have been selected in Moscow. The finals of the first Bezgraniz Couture international design competition were held on July 1 as part of the exhibition “Integration. Life. Society.” More than 60...>>

New military technology unveiled at International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg

04 July 2011The International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2011) commenced in St. Petersburg on June 30. The Rus flight demonstration squadron from Vyazma opened the show by demonstrating various aerobatics in their Czech-made L-39 training...>>

Putin tells United Russia party what he will do following the presidential elections

04 July 2011At the United Russia interregional conference in Yekaterinburg, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin responded to a question as to what he would do the day after the presidential election in 2012.“After all the campaigns that we will need to get...>>

Russian soldiers undergo experimental three-month basic training

04 July 2011Soldiers of the 19th Detached Motorized Rifle Brigade in the North Caucasus are involved in an intensive personnel-training program for three, rather than six, months. Alexander Tkach, the Brigade’s Battalion Commander, says the program is necessitated...>>

Dmitry Medvedev inspects facilities for the 2012 APEC summit in Vladivostok

04 July 2011Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok to inspect construction sites of the 2012 APEC summit facilities. Construction workers assured the president that the projects will be completed on time. >>

Naval vessels guns tested at Rzhevka firing range

04 July 2011In 2011, the Rzhevka firing range will mark its 155th anniversary. It tests guns for all types of naval vessels.The range tests guns of all calibers that are used in the Navy: from 20mm to 125mm inclusive. Each cannon passes a test program. Only then can...>>

Soldiers use horses to carry weapons in the mountains

30 June 2011The 34th Detached Motorized Rifle Brigade, deployed over 1,000 meters above sea level in the mountains of the Karachayevo-Circassian Republic, is primarily intended to patrol the border with Georgia and Abkhazia along the Greater Caucasus...>>

Medvedev promises to consider “revolutionary ideas” of new Right Cause leader

30 June 2011President Dmitry Medvedev met with the newly elected leader of the Right Cause party, Mikhail Prokhorov. He described the businessman-turned-politician’s ideas as “revolutionary,” but promised to consider them carefully. Prokhorov said it is Russia’s...>>

New vehicle that could change the way we travel?

27 June 2011Vladimir Kovalyov from Tomsk has invented a unique vehicle called the “Delta Skate,” which can navigate any traffic jam.The new vehicle stands 40 centimeters tall, weighs about 25 kilograms and runs on storage batteries. >>

How the Great Patriotic War began

23 June 2011German troops crossed the border into the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. The Great Patriotic War lasted 1,418 days and claimed over 20 million lives. >>

Journalists swarm Putin at Le Bourget

23 June 2011Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has never been to the International Paris Air Show, the world’s largest event of its kind, currently being held in the suburb of Le Bourget. Accompanied by Russian ministers and engineers, he visited the Russian...>>

Dog handlers reveal secrets of training police dogs

23 June 2011     On June 21, Russian dog handlers celebrate their professional holiday. Trained police dogs can detect explosives and drugs. Handlers promise that no TNT or psychotropic substances are added to dogs’ food to teach them the skills. Dog trainers use...>>

Edgard Zapashny performs unique horse act for Guinness Book of World Records

20 June 2011Renowned animal trainer Edgard Zapashny and his two female assistants have set a world record at the Sochi Circus. The actors formed a 4.5-meter-tall column on horseback, as journalists watched the horses circle the arena. >>

Sochi prepares to surprise the world in 2014

20 June 20112014 will be a special year for Russia. The first Winter Olympic Games in Russia’s history are promised to be top-notch. Construction in Sochi continues 24/7, not only creating new infrastructures and stadiums, but also giving some difficulties to its...>>

Muscovites grab 3,000 drug test kits in two hours

20 June 2011Volunteers handed out 3,000 free drug test kits shortly after the opening of the "Start with Yourself” anti-drug event in Moscow on June 18. The kits detect traces of the most common drugs in the human body, such as morphine, marijuana, amphetamines,...>>

Top Russian bartenders set new record

20 June 2011Bartenders from 20 Russian cities competed in Moscow for the right to take part in the November World Bartending Championship in Warsaw. They attempted to outrace each other while making the most spectacular cocktails >>

Norwegian royal guardsmen to quit the army on Red Square

20 June 2011The Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival to be held in Moscow on August 31 through September 4 will feature military bands from 15 countries, including Russia, the UK, China, Jordan, Norway, Belgium, Pakistan, Mexico and others. A total...>>

Wikipedia founder: Medvedev only world leader who understands internet

20 June 2011Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales arrived in Moscow for a one-day visit on Wednesday to give a talk on the future of the internet. RIA Novosti pinned him down before the event to ask his views on Wikileaks, freedom of speech and how well world leaders...>>

Red caviar that tastes like melon at culinary show

20 June 2011Molecular gastronomy masterpieces have been on offer at the opening of a week of Spanish cuisine in Moscow as a famous chef from Barcelona, Ferran Adria, staged a gastro show in one of the capital’s restaurants. Guests were invited to taste pistachio...>>

A “Moon” jump, a mini-tornado and other novelties at the Moscow Planetarium

16 June 2011The Moscow Planetarium opened on June 12 after major renovations. The planetarium was closed for 17 years and now it has been fully revived.The renovated building features two observatories, exhibition halls, a 4D cinema and Europe's largest dome...>>

Military present advanced armored vehicles

16 June 2011Advanced military equipment was put on display at a training ground of the Defense Ministry’s Research Institute in Bronnitsy near Moscow on June 10. Some equipment was demonstrated on a special obstacle course. >>

Polyethylene bulletproof vests just as good as steel versions

16 June 2011A Moscow-based research institute has started making new bulletproof vests with high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) inserts. When tested together with metal vests, the polyethylene plates withstood Kalashnikov assault rifle and Tokarev handgun rounds at...>>


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Video on Medvedev’s visit to India, 21-22 Dec 2010

23 December 2010Medvedev’s visit to India has every reason to be successful – expert Tatyana Shaumyan, head of the Indian Studies Center, shares her views on Russian-Indian relations: their history, prospects, and primary areas of interaction. RIA Novosti’s Samir...>>

Crazy clowns and crazy stunts in Yekaterinburg

30 November 2010Dazzling stunts thrilled audiences during the Third International Clown Festival in Yekaterinburg. Watch this wildly exciting RIA Novosti video footage. >>

Dmitry Medvedev’s journey into the future of Russia’s army

30 November 2010During his visit to the Gorokhovetsky firing range in the Nizhny Novgorod region on Thursday, where infantry units of the Western Military District were completing tactical exercises, Russia’s Supreme Commander-in-Chief Dmitry Medvedev had the...>>

Cosmonauts take their final exam before going into space

30 November 2010The new crew of the International Space Station is taking its final exam before making the trip to the Baikonur space center. The Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft that will take them there is scheduled for launch on December 15. >>

Soyuz spacecraft touches down in Kazakhstan

30 November 2010A Soyuz spacecraft carrying two Americans and a Russian from the International Space Station touched down on Friday in Kazakhstan in a landing that the Russian space programme's chief described as ideal. >>

Russian Navy to adopt Bulava missile after several successful tests

30 November 2010Military analysts say the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile will become the mainstay of Russia’s naval strategic nuclear force in the 21st century. Designers at the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, the program’s contractor, said the...>>

New Russian grenade launcher blasts through thick armor

30 November 2010The Hashim all-purpose grenade launcher, developed by Russian engineers especially for the King of Jordan, is capable of knocking out tanks with an armor thickness of 72 mm. >>

Special forces officers break burning bricks with bare hands

30 November 2010The first open day for cadets has been organized by special railway police units of Moscow’s Interior Department. Officers demonstrated their strength by breaking burning bricks with their bare hands. They taught the cadets about hand-to-hand combat with...>>

Seal-therapy for sick children

15 November 2010Animal trainers at the Murmansk Oceanarium have come up with a unique “seal-therapy” program to help treat children suffering from mental illness and those with learning difficulties. >>

Bulgarian PM gives Putin puppy after sealing gas deal

15 November 2010A fluffy puppy was added to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's menagerie after talks with Bulgarian Premier Boyko Borisov on Saturday in Sofia.Borisov gave Russia's "man of action" a Bulgarian Karakachan puppy after sealing a gas deal. Putin...>>

Rescue teams show Putin firefighting robots and miniature helicopter

15 November 2010The Emergencies Ministry will begin using firefighting robots and miniature aircraft for monitoring emergency sites. Samples of the new equipment were demonstrated to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the Civil Defense Academy of the Ministry of...>>

Styopa the Bear stars in dramas but dreams about comedies

15 November 2010Styopa the Bear is a unique Russian actor. He has played in 10 films but his biggest dream is to star in a comedy. >>

Putin tests student-made R/C car

11 November 2010Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited School No. 1060 in Moscow to present its headmaster, Mikhail Sluch, with the Crystal Pelican prize for winning the Teacher of the Year award.During his visit, the prime minister tested a radio-controlled car made by...>>

Schoolboy goes without dinner for two months to buy iPad

11 November 2010The iPad has gone on sale in about fifty Russian stores. These tablet PCs, available on the “grey market” for six months, prompted only a lukewarm response from buyers. >>

First production Superjet 100 makes debut flight

09 November 2010The first production version of the new commercial airliner, the Sukhoi Superjet 100, made a three-hour debut flight on November 4. It was piloted by a Sukhoi Civil Aircraft test crew, who tested every system and all the equipment on the plane.The...>>

Journalists and bloggers rally in support of Oleg Kashin

09 November 2010Russian journalists and bloggers held a rally outside Moscow police headquarters in downtown Moscow urging the police to investigate the attack on Kommersant correspondent Oleg Kashin properly.Approximately 50 activists took part in the protest. One at a...>>

Medvedev samples the caviar and buys some fish for the road in the Kuril Islands

08 November 2010President Medvedev was treated to the local red caviar during his first visit to the Kuril Islands. He was so impressed with the quality of the fish on the islands that he bought some dried smelt at a local shop. >>

Russian porcelain on display in Moscow Metro

08 November 2010The finest examples of Russian porcelain are currently on display in the Vorobyovy Gory station of the Moscow Metro. “This is such a beautiful place. We had been thinking about using the Vorobyovy Gory station for an art exhibition or a concert for a...>>

Putin revs Formula One racecar to 240km/h

08 November 2010Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took to the wheel of a Formula One racecar in the Leningrad Region, driving at speeds of up to 240km/h (149 mph). Before getting into the driving seat, some of Formula One’s leading lights gave him detailed instructions on...>>

Russian mountain riflemen have rendered harmless a “Terrorist” in the Himalayas

26 October 2010Indra 2010, a joint Russian-Indian military exercise in the Himalayas, has ended a RIA Novosti correspondent reports.Two hundred troops of the 34th Detached Motorized Infantry Mountain Brigade from the Karachayevo-Circassian Republic along with the...>>

Slava Zaitsev opens RFW-2010 with low-cost Chinese textiles

19 October 2010Russian Fashion Week in Moscow traditionally opens with a show by master Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev, and this year was no exception. Zaitsev presented his DE LUXE collection for men and women (Spring-Summer 2011). He said that he used...>>

Sobyanin on his plans as possible mayor of Moscow

19 October 2010Sergey Sobyanin, who was nominated for mayor of Moscow by President Dmitry Medvedev, is planning to resolve the problems that face every Muscovite, fight corruption and reduce traffic jams. He made this statement at a meeting with members of the United...>>

Census in space

19 October 2010Fyodor Yurchikhin, the International Space Station’s flight engineer, may be listed by Guinness World Records as the only Russian to take a national census in orbit. Watch this thrilling video footage of a census in space. >>

Putin and Ecclestone give green light to F1 Grand Prix in Russia

17 October 2010A contract giving the Krasnodar Territory the right to host a Russian stage of the FIA Formula One World Championship was signed in the presence of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Thursday.Under the contract, worth an estimated several billion...>>

Piligrim device can locate mines 3,000 m underwater

17 October 2010The Piligrim submersible, designed by engineers at the Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was successfully tested at Vladivostok before being handed over to the Emergencies Ministry.Using this device, technicians will be able to...>>

Chavez gives Medvedev Venezuelan sweets

17 October 2010Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev Venezuelan chocolate and a jar of banana and cocoa jam during his state visit to Russia, which began on Thursday. Chavez boasted that Venezuelan chocolate is the best in the...>>

Russian team takes first place in Silk Road Rally

20 September 2010The Silk Road Rally, recently granted the status of a Dakar Series Race, ended September 18 in a town near the Black Sea resort city of Sochi. On Saturday, 48 SUV off-road racing crews from 25 countries and 16 truck racing crews left Maikop and headed...>>

Fireworks, laser show, light display and ballet mark Peterhof’s 305th anniversary

20 September 2010Peterhof, in St. Petersburg, has closed its fountain season with a magnificent show featuring laser special effects and fireworks. The colorful display, called Fontaniana, marked the 305th anniversary of the state museum complex.The first part of the...>>

Ultimate Frisbee: flying high in Russia

18 September 2010U.S. team sport Ultimate Frisbee is rapidly gaining momentum in Russia. Over 400 players from 21 teams flocked to the small town of Bronnitsy, near Moscow on Thursday for the four-day Russian national championships.Most of the players are in their early...>>

AvtoVAZ workers show where the Lada Kalina Sport is assembled

18 September 2010The Lada Kalina Sport made history after Vladimir Putin drove it on the new Amur motorway from Chita to Khabarovsk. However, now AvtoVAZ manufactures fewer Sport models if compared to other Lada Kalina models. >>

Two aerobatic teams perform at a rock festival

13 July 2010The Strizhi and Russkiye Vityazi aerobatic teams have performed during the Nashestviye 2010 open air rock festival in Bolshoye Zavidovo, Russia’s Tver Region. Their pilots flew Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum and Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighters and...>>

Wakeboarding champions catch waves on the Moscow River

13 July 2010The champions in wakeboarding, an unusual sport in Russia, performed such dangerous stunts as jumps, somersaults and pirouettes during a show held on the Moscow River on July 10. A large number of wakeboarding clubs have been formed in Moscow and St....>>

Ancient battle in Moscow Region

13 July 2010Fans of Russian history have staged mass battles, revived ancient iron production technology and played the old Russian bat and ball game (lapta) at the Gorodetskoye Gulbishche 2010 festival.Members of historical reenactment clubs have reproduced the...>>

Bear cub seen on Moscow streets

13 July 2010A three-month-old bear cub settled at a construction site in Moscow. A RIA Novosti correspondent found out that the animal’s owners had made a request to shelter the bear cub there. "Yesterday, I told my friend that I wanted to have a domestic bear....>>

Cycling show by street athletes

10 July 2010Modern sports like freestyle football, figure cycling and с-walk dancing, though they have little in common with traditional athletic competitions, are gaining popularity among young people. Street sports fans gathered in one of Moscow’s shopping centers...>>

Ride the Moscow Metro with your cell phone

10 July 2010Soon Muscovites will be able to enter the Moscow Metro using their cell phones. Moscow Metro officials announced the introduction of a new payment technology scheduled to take effect by the end of this year. "Soon you will only need to have an NFC-based...>>

Artillery officers can set and hit targets in one to two minutes

10 July 2010The best Russian artillerymen need only a minute to hit the target with a howitzer. This is enough time to set a howitzer, calculate the trajectory and command “Fire.” Commanders of artillery batteries in ground and airborne troops, marine infantry and...>>

“Flying” Russian battle tank can penetrate all types of armor

10 July 2010The Russian Т-90S main battle tank is often called a "flying" tank. It weighs just 46.5 tons, far less than many foreign built tanks. The T-90S is almost unique in terms of rate of fire and it is capable of destroying many types of armor at the range of...>>

Planida yacht sails 35,000 miles across three oceans

10 July 2010The Russian sailing yacht Planida arrived in Rostov-on-Don on July 6, ending its 18-month voyage around the globe. Sailors from Saratov, Novosibirsk, Novouralsk and Novocherkassk dedicated the voyage to the 100th anniversary of Saratov State University....>>

Medical researchers grow vessels inside heart

10 July 2010Researchers at the Sechenov Medical Academy of Moscow are testing new treatments for cardio-vascular diseases. They stimulate the heart with compressed air to uncover non-functioning vessels and even grow new ones. However, despite the proven...>>

Russian engineers to teach cars to communicate with traffic police

10 July 2010Russian engineers have suggested creating a system of “smart” objects. Researchers say that the internet, digital chips and scanners will help root out car thefts and create “smart” traffic signs and even paper.  The developers promise to give things the...>>

Russian sailors take on Somali pirates

30 June 2010A squadron of Pacific vessels led by the large anti-submarine ship Marshal Shaposhnikov has completed its UN mission against the pirates in the Gulf of Aden and has returned to Vladivostok. The sailors described how they freed the tanker Moscow...>>

Explosive safes to replace firearms for cash-in-transit

30 June 2010A new type of safe, equipped with an automatic explosion device, will be introduced in Russia to protect cash-in-transit against robbery, Central Bank First Deputy Chairman Georgy Luntovsky said Monday, adding that the innovation will make it possible...>>

T-90 tanks “dance” at proving ground

30 June 2010The heavy T-90 main battle tanks “dance” at a proving ground in Ramenskoye outside Moscow in preparation for the First International Forum “Engineering Technologies 2010,” due to be held from June 30 to July 4, 2010 in Zhukovsky, the Moscow...>>

Bikers soar above the Kremlin walls

30 June 2010The world’s best motocross riders have performed their unique stunts in Moscow this weekend. They soared up to 15 meters above the ground, performing somersaults, level turns and acrobatic tricks. Moscow’s Vasilievsky Descent played host to the third leg...>>

Jubilee celebrations for Tsarskoye Selo include a traditional ball and a military parade

30 June 2010The St. Petesburg suburb Pushkin, which was founded 300 years ago under the name Tsarskoye Selo, is celebrating its jubilee. Speaker of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov, who is in charge of the organizing...>>

Zombies’ central Moscow “Thriller” in memory of Michael Jackson

27 June 2010     A flashmob dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson, who passed away on June 25, 2009, descended on Moscow. The King of Pop’s fans danced to Jackson’s “Thriller” in Arbat Street. According to the flashmobbers, that track was specially chosen,...>>

Obama invites Medvedev to his favorite fast-food restaurant

27 June 2010     After the official meeting in the White House, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama continued their talk over an informal breakfast. The presidents went to the Ray’s Hell Burger restaurant, the venue Obama chose for...>>

Children in San Francisco greet Svetlana Medvedev with Russian songs

25 June 2010On Thursday, Svetlana Medvedev visited the Russian Cultural Center, a Russian kindergarten and the Museum of Russian Culture, where she got a glimpse into the history of Russian immigration to San Francisco.  The museum’s staff offered her a gift, a...>>

Dmitry Medvedev: Presidency is hard work

25 June 2010Dmitry MEDVEDEV, PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA“Being a president is hard work. Any one who is just starting out says he is ready to do two or three terms running. But it is usually the case that he does not yet understand what he has got himself into or that he is...>>

Scale map of Russia drawn on a Moscow street

25 June 2010The students, who came up with the idea of drawing the map, had their professors’ active support. First, they calculated the map’s exact scale. It took undergraduate students, post-graduate students, professors and professional graffiti artists two days...>>

Steve Jobs gives President Medvedev new iPhone the day before it goes on sale

25 June 2010President Dmitry Medvedev became the first Russian owner of a fourth-generation Apple smartphone, a gift from Apple CEO Steve Jobs who met the visiting Russian president in California.Apple’s new smartphone will not be available in Russia until the fall,...>>

Dmitry Medvedev launches his microblog on Twitter

25 June 2010President Dmitry Medvedev has opened his account on the Twitter microblogging service and sent his first tweets while visiting the Twitter headquarters in California’s Silicon Valley.Twitter users can follow the Russian president on Twitter at...>>

Criminals transport drugs inside nuts and preserves. Customs-office video footage

25 June 2010Customs officers at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport locate drug caches inside shoes, preserves, fruit and even human stomachs. Sergei Boyev, deputy chief of the Domodedovo customs office for law-enforcement operations, says traffickers who transport drugs by...>>

Hollywood star Milla Jovovich will appear in Timur Bekmambetov’s movie The Whims

25 June 2010Hollywood star Milla Jovovich will appear in Timur Bekmambetov’s movie The Whims.The Whims tells the story of a teacher (Konstantin Khabensky) from a small Russian town who falls in love with a Moscow beauty (Milla Jovovich). But he has a rival in her...>>

Latest airborne combat vehicle ready to fire in three minutes

22 June 2010     Cadets at the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School tested the new Bakhcha-U fire support vehicle during an exercise held at the range of the 76th Airborne Assault Division near Pskov. Before this, they studied to operate the fourth-generation...>>

Medvedev: We will not take “pies or pancakes” for gas

22 June 2010     Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued instructions to limit gas exports to Belarus, starting Monday, June 21, during his meeting with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller. Since the beginning of 2010 Belarus has been paying Russia its own idea of payments,...>>

Russians plan amphibious car record

22 June 2010     Members of the Shintop Trophy 2010 expedition, or three crews from Vladivostok, Omsk and Novosibirsk, hope to set a Russian record and earn a place in Guinness World Records by floating down the Kolyma River in floating cars.     The Maritime crew...>>

Vladimir Putin receives a toy excavator, speaks Japanese

22 June 2010     Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was given a scaled-down model of an excavator as he visited the Yaroslavl plant of the Japanese company Komatsu.     He told company representatives that his government is giving constant thought to ways to reduce...>>

Snakeman can wind himself up like a snail and sprout shoulder wings

22 June 2010     On the day of a show, Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev, the world’s most flexible man, eats nothing and drinks little. He only concentrates on his act that evening. The actor, nicknamed Snakeman, showed RIA Novosti some tricks he does in his show and shared a...>>

Russian scientists develop brain-computer interface

22 June 2010     High-tech advances, including computerized early cardiovascular diagnostic systems and brain-computer interface for computer games, are displayed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. >>

Russian president shares a pastry with children at a summer camp

20 June 2010Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited a children’s summer camp, Levkovo, outside of Moscow and met with some of the children staying there for their summer vacations. >>

Putin shown up-to-date Kalashnikov assault rifles

20 June 2010Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited the small arms manufacturer Izhevsk Mechanical Works (Izhmash) and chaired a meeting on the production of close-combat weapons in Izhevsk. >>

Osh looks terrifying, say refugees arriving in Moscow from Kyrgyzstan

18 June 2010      A special plane dispatched by the Emergencies Ministry transported the refugees from Kyrgyzstan to Moscow on the night of June 18. The 97 passengers, all of them Russian citizens, were met at Domodedovo airport by relatives, officials from the...>>

Russia develops low-visibility hypersonic cruise missiles

18 June 2010Radars are unable to detect Russia’s unique Club cruise missiles, which elude modern naval air-defense systems.   >>

Dvorkovich plays chess with “undefeatable” robot

17 June 2010     Presidential Aide Arkady Dvorkovich played chess with a robot. Dvorkovich took the first game, but artificial intelligence evened the score in the return match. The head of the Russian Chess Federation’s supervisory board confessed that this was the...>>

Putin says purchase of Mistral warship is a good deal for France

16 June 2010     Russia will buy a Mistral-class helicopter carrier from France only if the technology is passed on and only with contracts for Russian companies, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Agence France Presse and France 2 television ahead of his visit to...>>

Medvedev: No country, large or small,can tackle drugs alone

16 June 2010     President Dmitry Medvedev called on the international community to keep the anti-drug effort above politics, speaking at an international forum Drug Production in Afghanistan: a Challenge for the International Community.   >>

Dogs compete in owner rescue competition

16 June 2010     Water rescue championships were held in Troitsk. Dogs were the rescuers – a shepherd dog, two Newfoundlands and a Briar. Saving a drowning person is difficult for a dog – partly because an adrenaline rush increases human strength several times,...>>

Run silent, run deep: Russia boasts most silent nuclear attack submarine

16 June 2010     The Severodvinsk, the first fourth-generation nuclear attack submarine to enter service with the Russian Navy, has powerful weapons systems, including supersonic cruise missiles and deep-sea homing torpedoes, for hitting underwater, surface and land...>>

Acclaimed female pilot performs aerobatics in Moscow Region

16 June 2010     Svetlana Kapanina, the most highly recognized female pilot in aviation history, demonstrated her aerobatic skills at Bolshoye Gryzlovo airfield in the Moscow Region. She performed risky stunts with a Su-31M airplane at the Fifth Annual Aviation...>>

One big braid over the Neva

16 June 2010     The stylists braided 70 girls’ hair into a 100m plait to mark the birthday of Peter the Great. This unusual flashmob was devoted to the opening of the IV International Festival Beauty Over the Neva.      The event was held in the center of St....>>

Parade rehearsal: Russian and Soviet combat equipment puts its best foot forward

15 April 2010The rehearsal involved 127 aircraft and helicopters, and over 150 items of past and present arms, which are to roll and fly over Red Square on May 9. The parade has been timed to a second and will last exactly 73 minutes. This timeline will be observed...>>

Marine infantry land on Pyotr Veliky

15 April 2010A marine infantry unit on permanent standby aboard the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky has started regular drills. The weather in the Mediterranean is favorable. The men practice rappelling down a wall, hand-to-hand combat and, of...>>

Russian rescuers do their duty worldwide

15 April 2010The Smolensk air disaster has demonstrated perfect teamwork between Russian rescue workers and their colleagues from Poland, Yuri Brazhnikov, head of Russia's international department at the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief,...>>

Cows that watch TV cheer up and produce more milk

14 April 2010A Moscow Region farm is showing movies to their cows to make them produce more milk. The cows “relax” while listening to soothing music as they watch videos featuring Alpine landscapes.The farm workers installed six large plasma screens, selected 20 cows...>>

History of Moscow’s “A” streetcar route

14 April 2010The first electric streetcar drove through Moscow’s streets on April 6, 1899. In the early 20th century the streetcar’s colorful carriages became one of the most popular public transport means in Moscow and circled the Garden Ring at three-minute...>>

Russian Navy flagships call at Gibraltar

14 April 2010The heavy nuclear-powered battle-cruiser Pyotr Veliky sailed 3,500 nautical miles from Severomorsk, Russia, to the Strait of Gibraltar. On the last two days of her nine-day voyage she was escorted by the Yaroslav Mudry frigate.The Pyotr Veliky (Peter the...>>

Ten tour boats begin passenger service on Moscow River

13 April 2010Summer passenger service opened on the Moscow River on April 9 with a parade by river navigation school cadets held on the quay of the Southern River Terminal. Ten of a total of 45 tour boats started their scheduled navigation on...>>

The S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile system in action

13 April 2010In August 2007, a battalion in Elektrostal near Moscow became the first military unit to receive S-400 Triumf (SA-21 Growler) surface-to-air missile systems after official state acceptance. These SAMs have been guarding Moscow Region air space ever...>>

Katyn memorial now symbolizes two tragedies

13 April 2010People are still converging at the Katyn memorial, where an official Polish delegation led by President Lech Kaczynski headed for commemoration. Residents and guests of Smolensk are gathered there to honor the memory of Polish citizens executed in 1940,...>>

Vladimir Putin travels into space without leaving Earth

12 April 2010Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited the Cosmonauts Training Center in Russia’s Star City. He inspected the ISS simulator, which contains models of two Russian modules, Zvezda and Zarya. At the time the crew of the International Space...>>

People bring flowers to Polish embassy in Moscow

12 April 2010Russians bring flowers to the Polish embassy in Moscow to express their condolences to the Polish people in connection with the death of the country’s president, Lech Kaczynski, in a plane crash in west Russia on Saturday. >>

French, English and US orchestras will perform together at the Victory Parade

12 April 2010Victory Parade, to be held on May 9 on Red Square, will open to the strains of one of the most famous songs from the Great Patriotic War: Sacred War (Svyaschennaya Voyna). Soldiers will carry the Victory Banner and flags of Russia and Military forces as...>>

Eyewitnesses describe blast in Moscow subway

30 March 2010Eyewitnesses of the terrorist attack at Park Kultury subway station told RIA Novosti about their experience.   >>

Moscow subway stations after terrorist attacks. Eyewitness video

30 March 2010The Moscow subway becomes overcrowded after two terrorist attacks on the Lubyanka and Park Kultury stations during Monday morning's rush hour. >>

Helicopter evacuates people injured in Moscow subway terrorist attack

30 March 2010A Russian Emergency Situations Ministry helicopter evacuated people injured in the terrorist attack on the Park Kultury subway station in central Moscow.   >>

Military banner to be restored by Victory Day

28 March 2010A unique banner that amateur archeologists found near Smolensk will be restored at the Suzdal art restoration school. It lay under ground for almost 70 years and will get a second life by Victory Day on May 9. Amateur archeologists found it in a...>>

Village geese head for showdown

28 March 2010Forty pairs of ganders took part in traditional geese fights. Their goose girlfriends and residents of Nizhny Novgorod villages were among the audience. Under the rules of the tournament only ganders are allowed to fight; the female geese can only...>>

Video Russia’s “inflatable” hospital in Chile open round the clock

28 March 2010Doctors from Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry have already treated to 133 Chileans injured by a series of devastating earthquakes in the region of Puente Alto. The Russian “inflatable” mobile hospital can work autonomously for 15 days and has...>>

Valentin Yudashkin presents new collection

28 March 2010Valentin Yudashkin presented his new autumn/winter 2010-2011 collection during Volvo Fashion Week which kicked off in Moscow. The new collection boasts plenty of fur. Loose fur coats, jackets and hats, resembling Cossak hats, are all on show. Their...>>

Men in kilts and dancing dogs: only on St. Patrick’s Day

28 March 2010Around 4,000 people gathered for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Moscow. Irish dancing groups, musicians and people interested in Celtic culture took part in the festive parade. It was a special occasion for all who own Irish wolfhounds. They...>>

Extreme entertainment at Moscow’s new amusement park

15 March 2010Happylon, Russia’s largest indoor amusement park that opened in Moscow on Saturday, offers its visitors such extreme entertainments as riding an octopus, a turtle or a dragon and even falling to earth in a giant flying saucer. The amusement park...>>

Siberians ride “living snowmobiles”

15 March 2010The Sprint Siberia 2010 amateur sled dog races were a big success in Novosibirsk region. The show attracted fans of extreme sports and of outdoor activities. Dog owners and their pets gathered on a ski run at a suburban sports center. Spectators...>>

Cruising the Moskva River on ice-breaker yachts

15 March 2010Unique ice-breaker yachts costing $2 million each will allow Moscow residents and visitors to take tours along the Moskva River all year round. Tour organizers note that the panoramic glass will allow passengers to enjoy beautiful views of the city’s...>>

Bengal tiger cubs at Novosibirsk zoo

15 March 2010Two blue-eyed Bengal tiger cubs are getting ready to enter their open-air cage at Novosibirsk zoo. The cubs were born two months ago to a couple of white tigers, a species listed in the Red book of endangered species. For now the cubs are kept in a...>>

An Aladdin’s Cave of Film

12 March 2010Over 950,000 film prints are stored in the Russian State Film Archive. They are mainly feature films, animation and popular-science films. Only films that have been shown in a cinema are held there. Up to 400 films a year get theatre release in...>>

Moscow artists “transform” people into shadows

12 March 2010Letters soar into space and then in a second turn into a text – this is what the PELICULA video installation looks like. It opened in Пroekt_Fabrika’s Moscow gallery. ‘Pelicula’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘a photographic film, a movie’. The video...>>

Vladimir Putin rides a horse in Khakassia

11 March 2010On February 25, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited the the Republic of Khakassia. He rode a horse the foothills of Karatash, near Abakan, the republic's capital.   >>

Miss Russia 2010 in swimsuit and evening gown

11 March 2010Taking the stage in cocktail dresses and swimsuits, showing off luxurious evening gowns designed by Valentin Yudashkin and, finally, the question and answer round – Miss Russia 2010 was chosen with care. Irina Antonenko from Yekaterinburg won Russia’s...>>

76-year-old granny lifts dumb-bells and tears up books

11 March 201076-year-old Sakinat Khanapiyeva from the village of Sultan-Yangiyurt in Dagestan, Russia, is the world’s strongest granny. She can tear up even the thickest books, lift a 24-kg dumb-bell, break horseshoes and twist 5-cm steel...>>

Six will fly to Mars without leaving Moscow

11 March 2010Eleven contenders willing to be locked in the ground-based experimental complex for 520 days, are going through the final selection stage. By the end of March it will become clear who exactly will be going on board, as the Mars-500 ‘spaceship’ can seat...>>

The right shine costs millions: restoring retro-vehicles

07 March 2010Vadim Zadorozhny’s Technical Museum boasts about a hundred retro-cars, including Cadillacs, limousines and cabriolets. They are all polished and almost all in running order. It can take up to several years to restore a car. Restoration costs depend on...>>

Russian Olympic athletes return to Moscow

03 March 2010Russian Olympic athletes return from Vancouver. Hundreds of people, including relatives, friends, journalists and fans came to meet them. The Russian national team won 15 medals in Vancouver: three gold, five silver and seven bronze. Many Russian...>>

Polar bear cubs at Moscow’s zoo take their first walk

03 March 2010The polar bear cubs that were born at Moscow’s zoo three months ago have left their lair. The little bears have spent the last few days exploring their enclosure and now play and eat in the open air. People visiting the zoo are particularly interested...>>

Muscleman show

02 March 2010Russian Bogatyrs musclemen performed during the Third International Hand to Hand Combat Tournament. These “athletes” can roll frying pans into tubes and blow up hot-water bottles like balloons. Tying steel rods into knots and ripping thick phone books...>>

Russian Antique Salon: history in watercolors, porcelain and bronze

02 March 2010A transformable diamond necklace and a rare Volga car are part of the 28th Russian Antique Salon that opened February 27 at Moscow’s Central House of Artists. Russian Antique Salons have been held biannually since 1996. The 28th salon will be open...>>

Olympic flag taken to Russia House to heavy applause

02 March 2010The Olympic flag was handed over to Russia at the 2010 Olympics closing ceremony and then taken to the Russian pavilion in Vancouver, Sochi 2014 Russia House.  The flag will be sent to Russia the next morning aboard the Kruzenshtern sailing...>>

Year of France in Russia: Picasso on display in Moscow for the first time in 50 years

27 February 2010An exhibition of masterpieces by Pablo Picasso, the famous 20th century painter and sculptor, has marked the start of the Year of France in Russia. The large display in Russia’s Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts opened on Thursday attended by Culture Minister...>>


26 February 2010About a hundred soldiers from the Moscow Military District gathered at firing ranges in Naro-Fominsk near Moscow to sharpen their target-shooting skills. Accurate shooting and skilful camouflage are the main secrets of a successful sniper. Soldiers...>>

Russian race car drivers; David Coulthard vs. Vitaly Petrov

26 February 2010The best Russian racecar drivers struggled for the champion’s title at Tushino Air Field’s ice track in Moscow. This year a record 31 crews, driving Renaults, Ladas, Fords, Citroens and Volkswagens all took part in the event.Vitaly Petrov, Renault F1...>>

Restoration workers at the Moscow Museum of the Great Patriotic War are restoring the legendary Soviet tank “Klim Voroshilov”

26 February 2010Restoration workers at the Moscow Museum of the Great Patriotic War are restoring the legendary Soviet tank “Klim Voroshilov” otherwise known as “The Ghost.” This is how the German troops referred to the tank because of being almost invincible and...>>

February 23, 1942 in Krasnogorsk

25 February 2010Employees from the Vadim Zadorozhny Technical Museum and activists from the Motherland’s History Milestones organization have reenacted February 23, 1942 in Krasnogorsk, the Moscow Region. Video. “In late February 1942 the Soviet army pushed the enemy...>>

Medvedev relights eternal flame in traditional home next to Kremlin

24 February 2010 Russia celebrated Defenders of the Fatherland Day on Tuesday, with President Dmitry Medvedev leading a ceremony to return the eternal flame to its traditional home next to the Kremlin. The eternal flame was moved to Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill...>>

Moscow struggles through its snowiest February for 40 years

24 February 2010Municipal services in Moscow cleared 425,000 cubic meters of snow from city streets in one day as the Russian capital struggles through its snowiest February for 40 years.  >>

400,000 cubic meters of snow removed from Moscow streets in 24 hours

22 February 2010A total of 392,000 cubic meters of snow have been removed from Moscow streets in the past 24 hours, a spokesman for the Russian capital's authorities said Sunday. Igor Pergamenshchik said 12,000 snow clearing vehicles, 8,000 dump trucks and 5,500...>>

Russian Paralympic team: “Our only goal is to win Olympic gold.”

22 February 2010A farewell ceremony for the Russian Paralympic team was held in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. The team is going to take part in the 10th Winter Paralympic Games. Its members say they have ambitious...>>
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