Comment by Foreign Ministry regarding the United States expanding its anti-Russian sanction lists

Friday, 04 September 2015 10:58

The further expansion of its sanction lists, which now include Russian companies and organisations, as well as several legal entities with Russian participation outside of Russia, which Washington announced on September 2, reveals much more than just another failure by the US administration to properly assess the developments in Ukraine. It reflects the policy — entrenched in US ruling circles — aimed at the conscious and consistent destruction of the foundation for normalising Russian-American relations.
The massive crisis in Ukraine, which was largely provoked and fuelled from overseas, is used by the US administration as a pretext for imposing on us a behavioural model unacceptable to us. This time, in addition to the unending efforts to tie the sanctions on Russian persons and corporate entities to the tragic developments in Ukraine, they announced they will use against us the illegitimate restrictions under applicable US law that they use with respect to Iran, Syria and North Korea.
Again, we see that Washington is driven not by its striving to reduce tensions in hot spots, but rather by its irritation regarding Russia’s independent position on the international arena, a desire to punish us for staunchly upholding our national interests, for the free expression of will by the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol, and thereby to cause damage to the Russian economy.
Expanding the anti-Russian sanction lists is another move in a series of unfriendly actions taken by the United States against Russia in recent years in various areas, including defence, economy, and visa regulations. The unacceptable rhetoric coming from Washington is off the charts. Such a reckless policy is causing growing concern even among US allies. It is fraught with major consequences for global stability and undoubtedly will return like a boomerang to harm US interests.
Washington's actions devalue its own signals about it being interested in working with us to address various pressing international issues. Apparently, the strategists in Washington have not learned anything from their futile attempts to pressure us through sanctions. We emphasise — the United States should have no illusions about being able to continue such a policy without running into negative consequences. A response on our part — not necessarily mirror-like — will follow.
September 2, 2015

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