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October 3, 2016

CNN 18: Mr Ambassador, thanks for joining us. We have seen increasing hostilities between India and Pakistan ever since the attack on Uri. Today there has been an attack on BSF Camp where we lost one of our men. What do you feel about the present situation?

A.M.Kadakin: Russia has very clearly expressed its attitude in two statements by the Foreign Ministry after the Uri attack. It was plainly mentioned, the only country which did so in plain words, that terrorists and those bandits came from Pakistan, from Pakistan territory. In the second statement, we have called upon the government of Pakistan to take all the necessary steps to stop this menace of transborder terrorism on its territory. That we said openly, that is what we feel. Of course, we have always been with India in opposing and fighting transborder terrorism and we stand for the government there to take steps

CNN 18: Pakistan has been talking about human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir trying draw international attention for it. But do you feel we need to do a lot more when it comes to terror groups on their soil like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toiba.

A.M.Kadakin: The greatest human rights violation takes place when these gangs and terrorists come and attack either military targets in India or peaceful, population in villages. This is the worst form of human rights abuse.

CNN 18: Do you think India was justified in carrying that surgical strike? A.M.Kadakin: Otherwise, we would not have welcomed it. CNN 18: That is a strong message because India has been pushed into a corner by Pakistan over and over again. We have seen repeated attacks from their soil.

A.M.Kadakin: Well, as I have said, we are against terrorist attacks across the border against India. That is one thing we are against. We are openly saying about this to the Pakistanis.

CNN 18: India has full right to retaliate if there is continuous crossborder infiltration.

A.M.Kadakin: Well, any country has the right to defend itself from such kind of transborder terrorism.

CNN 18: And my last question. We saw military exercise between Russia and Pakistan. India has raised concerns about that. The Russian government said it was not happening in POK (Pakistan-occupied Kasjmir). But that exercise happened. Isn’t that a concern to India? How would you address that?

A.M.Kadakin: India should not be concerned at all because it is a normal practice among states to have military exercises especially between the militaries of the two countries. And the theme of this exercise is antiterror fight. That’s why I think it is in India’s interests that we will be teaching Pakistani Army how not to use army for the terror attacks. So I think it is in the interests of India. And more. There was much speculation in the press here. The exercise was not held in any of the sensitive or problematic territories like Gilgit or Baltistan and, of course, not in Pakistan-occupied Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. 

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