On the children’s contest “We want to live in peace”

Thursday, 14 May 2015 12:55

International Human Rights Movement “A world without Nazism”, together with the Foundation for drawing up projections of childhood “Social forecasting”, the League of Young Journalists, the National Council of Youth and Children’s Associations of Russia announces the launch of the International Children’s Contest “We want to live in peace”.

The contest is open to children aged 11-16 – the citizens of Russia as well as foreign countries.

The contest received copyrighted material (essays, essays, poems, drawings, photos, videos and so on) on the role of children and youth in combating Nazism, calling for world peace, a life without wars and violence, anti-Nazi democratic humanistic educational movement and unification on this basis youth organizations, promotion of anti-Nazi activities. Also welcomes the work devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the Second World War.

Applications for participation and contributions will be accepted until May 15, 2015 on the website of the project www.russianforpeace.ru. The winners will be announced after May 31, 2015.

To get detailed information about the competition can be obtained on the web-site of the project www.russianforpeace.ru.



The project is implemented in cooperation with the Foundation for drawing up projections of childhood "Social forecasting" the grant of the Russian Union of Youth, resulting in the competition for allocation of grants to non-profit non-governmental organizations, held in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation №243-rp of 25.07.2014 "On provision in 2014, state support of non-profit non-governmental organizations involved in the development of civil society institutions and implementing social projects."

Project implementation period: January - September 2015.

The project involves building a community of children and young people from Russia, CIS, Baltic States, the EU, the United States with the aim of spreading the ideas of human rights in the world and prevent the spread of the ideas of radical nationalism, fascism and racial discrimination and extremism.

- to attract the attention of children and young people to the problem of dissemination of ideas of radical nationalism, intolerance, extremism and fascism and their catastrophic consequences for the world, identifying leaders and their involvement in the process of confrontation and combat these phenomena.
- creation of a unified communication space for children and young people uniting their efforts and joint action aimed at countering nationalism, the development of democracy and humanism.
- educating children and young people's methods of struggle and opposition to radical nationalism, intolerance, extremism and fascism.
- Preparation of methodological, educational and information materials and holding specialized educational activities with the participation of youth leaders from Russia, CIS, Baltic States, the EU, the United States.
- To cooperate Children and youth leaders from Russia, CIS, Baltic States, the EU, the United States with major organizations and institutions carrying out their activities in the name of peace and security ( PACE, OSCE, UN, etc.)
- Implementation of children's and youth projects aimed at countering the spread of the ideas of radical nationalism, fascism and intolerance in the world and promote the principles of humanism, democracy and tolerance.


As part of the project is expected to:
- create an interactive online resource for the international children's contest works "We want to live in peace," the overall coordination for children and youth leaders from different countries, NGOs as a social network - a platform for discussion, education and promoting ideas antinatsizma in children and youth;
- to develop a package of materials for anti-Nazi organizations working with children and young people and spread them among the children and youth, educational institutions of various types over the Internet and the media;
- to disseminate information about the project among the target audience, to attract an interactive online resource users from among the target audience (children 14-16 years)
- to hold an international children's and youth online contest works (writings, drawings, videos) "We want to live in peace," to determine the winners based on an open vote Internet
- publish postcards depicting works of the winners of the contest for the further dissemination of the world through Postcrossing at the event for members of child-youth community "We want to live in the world"
- to spend at one of the All-Russian children's centers or international educational meetings for the winners Competition works, their mentors their educational institutions for training to work with children and young people, exchange experiences, develop strategic plans of joint actions aimed at attracting children and young people to the anti-Nazi democratic humanist enlightenment movement and integration on this basis youth organizations, popularization of anti-Nazi activities.During the meeting, conduct a video conference with active community members from abroad, and to establish an international network of children and youth, "We want to live in peace."


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