Press release on consultations with Syrian opposition leaders

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 18:33
Category: Foreign Policy News
Written by Vladimir I Poluektov
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On June 18 to 19, Russia’s Special Presidential Representative for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev and Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin held consultations in Geneva with leaders of the Syrian opposition groups – Qadri Jamil of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, Randa Kassis of the Movement for a Pluralistic Society, Haytham Manna of the Syrian National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, Khaled al-Mahamid and Basma Qadhmani of the Syrian Negotiations Commission.

The sides discussed in depth how the recommendations of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress adopted on January 30 in Sochi are being implemented, above all as regards the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva.

The participants reiterated their shared commitment to moving towards a lasting political settlement of the Syrian crisis in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.