PEGOV Nikolay Mikhailovich

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 14:26

PEGOV Nikolay Mikhailovich (03.04.1905-19.04.1991), a Muscovite, son of a civil servant. He studied in the Industrial Academy (but did not finish). Starting from 1919 he worked as a laborer, then as a worker in light industry (from 1923 – in Moscow).

In 1931-35 Pegov was the deputy director and later the director of a silk weaving factory. He joined the UCP (b) in 1930. In 1938 he was the responsible organizer of the Central Committee of the UCP (b) and the secretary of the Far Eastern Regional Committee. In 1938-47 he was the 1stsecretary of the Primorsk Regional Committee of the UCP (b). In the years 1939-86 – a member of the Party Central Committee. In 1941-50, 1953-58 and 1978-84 Pegov was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1947-48 – the deputy director of the office for control of the party bodies of the Central Committee of the UCP (b), the head of the division of the Central Committee.

On 16.10.1952 he was appointed a secretary of the Central Committee and alternate member in the Presidium of the Central Committee. Later he was re-elected as a secretary and appointed to the post of the Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

In 1956 Pegov was transferred to diplomatic service: he became the Ambassador to Iran (1956-63), Algeria (1964-67), India (1967-73), deputy minister of foreign affairs of the USSR (1973-75). Since October, 1975 the head of the department of foreign personnel of the Central Committee of the CPSU. He retired in December, 1982.

He was awarded with three Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, medals.

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