India–JINR Forum “Frontiers in Elementary Particle, Nuclear and Condensed Matter Physics”

Saturday, 12 July 2014 10:37
From 16 to 20 June, a scientific forum was held at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, with strong supports from the Embassy of India in Russian Federation and Embassy of the Russian Federation in India.
The aims of the forum were to strengthen the existing co-operation further as well as explore the possibility of stronger ties between scientific research centers of India and JINR in the fields of fundamental theoretical and experimental physics. The opening ceremony of the forum was attended by Representatives from the Indian Embassy in Moscow, RF ministry of education and science and RF state corporation for atomic energy.  
 JINR is a large multidisciplinary scientific-research institute with unique set of the basic research instruments executing its program on basis of broad international cooperation, including 150 institutes and universities of the Russian Federation. Thus JINR could serve as a “bridge” connecting Russian organizations with institutes and universities of India, facilitating mutually beneficial cooperation on Russian and Indian scientists. 
The forum was attended  by more than 60 leading researchers from JINR member states and  20 reputed experts from leading scientific research institutions of India, in particular from TIFR (Mumbai), IMSc (Chennai), IISc (Bangaluru), IOP (Bhubaneswar), IACS (Kolkata), Calcutta University, BARC (Mumbai), etc. In addition, there were two Indian scientists who are presently working at JINR as employees. 
During three plenary sessions 19 review talks were given. The talks exposed the wide spectrum of directions and the structure of fundamental research in India and JINR in the fields of  elementary particle physics, physics of atomic nucleus and condensed matter.. Reviews of more specific investigations coupled with the detailed excursions to the experimental facilities were presented at the workshops and seminars in different laboratories of JINR: VBLHEP, BLTP, FLNR, FLNP, DLNP, where 57 talks were given by the leading scientists of JINR and many Indian Institutes and Universities. 
One very important part of the forum was a series of visits of the Indian scientists and guests to the unique experimental facilities of JINR that included the Nuclotron-M in LHEP, accelerator complex in FLNR, IBR-2 reactor and spectrometer complex in FLNP.
On the final day, the plenary session was followed by a round-table discussion where the recommendations from the experts and results of the forum were formulated and summarized in the concluding report.
The agenda of the forum covered a wide range of issues which not only have generated great mutual interests but also open the door for setting the foundations for cooperation and identification of the common priorities of the scientific research programs both at JINR and institutions and laboratories in India. All the talks, active discussions and exchange scientific ideas provided a fairly clear picture that Indian research programs have significant and important overlaps to major projects at JINR both in experimental and theoretical physics. 
The concluding report addressed and discussed the studies which are intimately related to heavy ion relativistic physics in the context of the NICA project (LHEP), the synthesis of superheavy elements and nuclear reactions in the frames of the programs at FLNR, condensed matter physics in FLNP, neutrino physics in the frames of experimental projects at DLNP.

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