Exhibition of paintings "Indian artists paint Russia: City life" has opened in the RCSC in New Delhi

Saturday, 12 October 2013 08:45
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In the framework of the Day of Moscow celebrations an exhibition of paintings created during the Third annual art camp "Indian artists paint Russia" was inaugurated at the art gallery of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in New Delhi on September 12.

The exhibition comprised over 20 paintings by 17 artists of the Art camp that was held at the RCSC from 16 to 18 July and was devoted to the city life alongside with a number of last year's works and paintings created by the guests of honor, including the Russian artist Maxim Pridanov. Both the Art camp and the exhibition were organized by Forum of Indian Photographers and Artists (FIPA) with allover support of the RCSC.

The inauguration was attended by such distinguished personalities as the well-known Indian artist, director of the art gallery "Lalit" Mr. Naresh Kapuria, Honorary Consul of Tuvalu in India Mr. Deepak Jain and Chairman of the Association of Russian and the CIS countries Alumni in India, Maharashtra state Dr. D.P.Saxena.

President of the FIPA Mr. Vimal Mehta made a short review about the history of the art camps held at the RCSC in New Delhi, shred plans for the future and expressed gratitude for the support the RCSC in the organization of the project.

Addressing the guests of the RCSC, Deputy director for Culture and Information, RCSC Mrs. Anastasia Khokhlova emphasized the symbolism of the opening of the exhibition during the celebrations of the Day of Moscow, noting that the capital of Russia and its beauty inspired Indian artists and became the subject for many paintings on display. She also stressed that in the coming year the scale of the annual Art camp and painting exhibition will be developed involving more relevant institutions and budding artists keeping in view their better exposition and encouragement.