Holi celebrations in the Russian Embassy school in New Delhi

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 15:24

A religious spring festival of colours named Holi was celebrated with fun and frolic in the Russian Embassy School on March 25, 2013.

The event was jointly organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Department of Slavonic and Finnо-Ugrian Studies, University of Delhi.

The students of the University studying Russian language took part in the Russian Festival Maslenitsa celebrated in our school a couple of weeks ago.

That time when they decided to acquaint their Russian friends with the Indian tradition to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The idea was readily accepted, since Indian Holi has something in common with Russian Maslenitsa.

The students of the Kusum Sarovar Prathamik Vidyalaya (under Divya Chhaya Trust), Govardhan, District Mathura, also came to take part in the function and staged an impressive performance presenting through dance the history and mythology of the Holi Festival.

The audience had an opportunity to see Lord Krishna playing Holi with Radha in their colourful dresses, the peacock dance and the performance of cheerful Gopis. The concert ended with a shower of flower petals causing overall rejoicing.

The celebrations continued outside. It was time when the real revelry began.

Clouds of colorful dust covered the playing field in front of the school.

Children particularly enjoyed the festival as they throwed water filled balloons and scented powder at each other.

Everyone was eager to plunge into this riot of colour as there is a popular belief that the more colors cover your dress while playing Holi the more good wishes you get.

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