Annual Get-Together of Indian Graduates of Soviet/Russian Universities at RCSC in New Delhi

Saturday, 09 March 2013 16:15

The Annual Get-Together of the Delhi Alumni Association of Soviet/Russian Academic Institutions (DAASAI) went on in a nostalgic atmosphere at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture on March 1, 2013.

Prof. Sankar Basu, President, DAASAI, addressing the gathering at the RCSC in New Delhi

About 150 Indian citizens who graduated from 1962 to 2012 from Soviet/Russian universities took part in the get-together.

Welcoming the gathering, Ms. Yelena Shtapkina, Deputy Director (Culture & Information), RCSC, said that it was significant that the activities of the RCSC helped the Indian graduates of Soviet/Russian academic institutions to keep in touch with Russia. She hoped that the new Indian graduates, who joined the Association, will add their input to the activities of the RCSC and help improve bilateral ties.

Dr. Jaspal Sokhey is being honoured at the DAASAI meeting at the RCSC in  New Delhi

Dr. A. Najeerul Ameen, President, All-India Foreign Medical Graduates Association, Acting Member of the Alumni association of Soviet/Russian Universities, noted that the meeting was aimed at strengthening the network of Alumni Association between its members in the age group 25-65. He referred to the enormous strength of over fifty thousand Indian graduates from the Soviet Union/Russia, who found this forum meaningful to consolidate the cultural and educational ties between India and Russia.

Dr. Jaspal Sokhey addressing the gathering at the RCSC in New Delhi 

Prof. Sankar Basu, President, DAASAI, congratulated the Indian graduates on their goodwill and good gesture of meeting and sharing their experience.

Dr. Jaspal Sokhey, one of the first alumni of the People’s Friendship University in Moscow, a veteran of medical science and former official of WHO, was honoured on the occasion.

A section of Indian alumni of Russian universities at the meeting at the RCSC in New Delhi

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