Photo Exhibition and Documentary Film on South Ossetia at RCSC in New Delhi

Thursday, 09 August 2012 16:57
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The inauguration of a Photo Exhibition “The Tragedy of South Ossetia” and the screening of a Russian Documentary Film “War 08.08.08 Art of Betrayal” were organised at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, New Delhi, on August 8, 2012.

The function was held to mark the fourth Anniversary of the repulse of Georgian aggression by Ossetian people with the support of Russia.

The elite gathering watched with bated breath the photos and film demonstrating thereon the horrors of the wanton and unprovoked aggression launched by the Georgian troops on the innocent Ossetian people – civilians, old men, women and children.

The distinguished dignitaries, who participated in the event, were Mr. Segey V. Karmalito, Senior Counsellor, Embassy of the Russian Federation in India, Mr. Andrey V. Andreev, acting director, RCSC, New Delhi, Major Dalbir Singh, Secretary, All-India Congress Committee, Dr. Nivedita Das Kundu, Foreign Policy Analyst, Assistant Director (Research and Publications), Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, Mr. S. Kalyanaraman, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis, and Dr. R. B. Singh, General Secretary, India-Russia Friendship Society.

Dwelling upon the grievous events of August 2008, Mr. Sergey Karmalito stated that President M. Saakashvili chose aggression and genocide of the South Ossetian people instead of trying to solve the question of integration of South Osseetia with Georgia using negotiations along the lines of equal inter-ethnic dialogue. He added that in response to Saakashvili’s ruthless aggression in August 2008, Russia had no other option but to protect its citizens and force Tbilisi to peace. Mr. Karmalito noted that having protected South Ossetia and Abkhazia from the Georgian aggression and having officially recognized these young states, Russia undertook a bigger share of responsibility for their peaceful and prosperous future. He hoped that the Photo Exhibition would help create an unbiased opinion about the grievous events of August 2008.

Earlier, welcoming the gathering, Mr. Andrey Andreev stressed that the event assumed special dimension as it was organised to commemorate the repulse of Georgian aggression by the Ossetian people with the support of Russia. He expressed the hope that the Photo Exhibition as well as the Documentary Film would testify to the genuine state of affairs.

Conveying the magnitude of the heinous attack on the peace-loving South Ossetian people, Major Dalbir Singh pointed out that on account of the aggressive politics of M. Saakashvili, the innocent civilian people of South Ossetia had to pay a heavy price of their lives, that too due to no fault of theirs. The Georgian aggression and the genocide of the South Ossetian people were stopped only thanks to the resolute interference of Russia. Major Dalbir Singh deplored the interference by the Western forces in the region, which in the long run has resulted in great catastrophe to human lives, while Russia has deployed the peace-keepers to restore peace, tranquillity, stability and security there.

Citing the politico-historic background of South Ossetia, Dr. Nivedita Das Kundu said that while examining the conflict in the region, there was a need to address the issues on the politico-security dimensions of the conflict. There is also a need to focus on the regions’ new challenges and threats and on the geo-political consequences of the events, for bringing peace in the region, she concluded.

While making his observation, Mr. S. Kalyanaraman, made an overall review on the menace of terrorism across the world with particular emphasis on India and Russia. In the process, he referred to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Moscow, Beslan, etc. We in India and Russia need to continue our excellent cooperation in dealing with the challenge of terrorism emanating from neighbouring countries, he added.