Russian and Indian Students Together Mark International Music Day

Monday, 10 October 2011 13:12

     Russian and Indian Students Together Mark International Music Day A programme for school children, dedicated to the International Music Day, was organised jointly by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC), the Russian Embassy School in New Delhi and the D.P.S. Dwarka on October 07, 2011.

The programme was organised keeping in view that the Indian students get a chance to listen to the songs recited by Russian students of the same age-group, and vice versa. They were guided by teachers in their performance, and the teachers themselves rendered some numbers. Overall, the objective of the programme was to inspire and instil the interest of music in the minds of students.

The highlight of the programme was an expedition to the Gallery of Musical Instruments, Museum of Performing Arts at Sangeet Natak Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi. Thirty-five students from the Russian Embassy School accompanied by five teachers, students of Music Classes of RCSC, and 11 students from D.P.S. Dwarka, along with their Russian Language Teacher Mrs. Monika Sharma, participated in the programme.

Ms. Yelena S. Shtapkina, Deputy Director (Culture & Information), RCSC, conducted the programme. The instruments on display at the Gallery of Musical Instruments represented the four-fold classification followed in India since ancient times, namely tata vadya (chordophones), sushira vadya (aerophones), ghana vadya (idiophones) and avanaddha vadya (membranophones). Mr. Jayant R. Choudhary, Deputy Curator (NMPA), Sangeet Natak Akademi, explained to the students the genesis and application of each and every instrument to the visiting students.

The students showed evincing interest in items such as Thampura of Andhra Pradesh, the Chenda of Kerala, the Chittika of Karnataka, Dhani Sarangi of Rajasthan, Datara of Assam, Nagaswaram of Tamil Nadu, Karnat of Gujart, Khol of West Bengal, Mizhavu of Kerala, Nagara of Bihar, Rabab of J&K, Tumbi of Punjab, Tabla and Sitar of North India, and others. The students of the Russian Embassy School and Music Classes, RCSC, rendered music pieces composed by Russian masters such as Chaikovskiy, Dargomyzhskiy and Hachaturyan. The presentation included Russian folk songs such as “Little Snowberry” (Kalinka-Malinka), “Landlady” (Baryna). Well-known Russian songs like “Moscow Nights”, “The Cranes”, “The Star Country” and “The Golden City” also formed part of the concert. The students from D.P.S. Dwarka impressed the gathering with Tabla performance and rendering of English songs to the greater appreciation of the gathering.

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